5 Reasons Freelancers Should Consider Renting an Office

If you work as a freelancer, whether that be as a blogger or in another industry then chances are you often find yourself working from your sofa or while on the go which isn’t easy. Working outside of an office environment can be extremely difficult, you have to be disciplined, focused and driven.

There are a lot of pros and cons of working from home, it’s a place you feel comfortable and relaxed but there can also be a lot of distractions and unfinished jobs which can make concentrating on the job at hand difficult. If you’re finding working from home a struggle or you want to see what other options are available, office space in Liverpool, where you can rent office space monthly could be a great choice. Below are some reasons you might choose to rent an office as a freelancer.

Working hours

One of the great benefits to being a freelancer/self-employed is being able to set your own working hours, whether this is to fit your work around family life or a second job this is definitely one of the perks. If you choose to rent office space check if there are any restrictions to the hours you would be able to access the space. Some companies provide a key card which means you can access your office space any time day or night, others restrict access to normal working hours (9am-5pm).

Increase productivity

I already mentioned how difficult working from home/on the go can be, so one reason you might choose to rent office space is to help give you a productive working environment. I often find that I work better when I work from my desk, rather than from my sofa or when I’m on the go.

Office environment

There’s no denying that working from home can be lonely at times, renting office space in a work environment means you will be able to interact with other people regularly. If you’re local you could find coworking in Liverpool would be a great solution letting you have the office space you require and also having co-workers around you.

If you regularly meet with potential clients and business colleaugues then you might want to rent office space where you can meet and discuss any business proposals in a professional environment.

Keep work at work

When you work from home it can be difficult to put work to one side and concentrate on home life and vice versa. There’s always the temptation to work for an extra five minutes (which usually turns into an hour), or quickly checking your emails at the weekend turns into a Saturday of work.

To free up space in your home

It’s surprising how much space a home office requires. When you factor in a desk, printer, storage etc you could find yourself struggling for space, especially if you don’t have a dedicated room for an office. Renting office space will mean you don’t have to worry about creating extra space at home, you should have ample space to work and also have access to the technology you might need for your work.

Would you consider renting office space?

*This is a collaborative post.

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