5 Reasons to Consider Renting a Holiday Villa

Are you planning your next holiday but you’re not sure whether to hire a villa or book a hotel?

There are pros and cons to each accommodation so it’s worthwhile making a list of your needs for your holiday, you can then check these against what each accommodation has to offer. Callum Swan Realty can give you a great idea of the beautiful villas available to hire on the Costa Del Sol.

If you’re wondering if a holiday villa is the best choice for your family then take a look at the list below which will give you a few reasons you might choose a holiday villa over a hotel.


One of the most common reasons people choose a villa over a hotel is for the space a villa provides. A villa is a great choice if you’re travelling with a large group, for extended family holidays or when vacationing with friends. Everyone can have their own room but there’s also space for everyone to come together too. It also lets children play in a safe and enclosed area, many villas have gardens and even swimming pools which gives them a lot of space to run around and play.

Unrestricted mealtimes

If you’re travelling with a group of adults this might not be as important to you but if you’re travelling with young children then choosing your mealtimes might be an advantage. Holidays mean less structure and as such children are sometimes out of their routine and we need to change our routine to fit them, this includes altering when mealtimes are if necessary. Many hotels have set mealtimes which means if your children don’t want to eat at a certain time you could miss out on your meal and have to eat somewhere else which will cost you more money. If you choose a villa you can cook food you know everyone likes and you can change your mealtimes to suit your needs.

Home comforts

Hotels offer lovely accommodation but a villa offers a home away from home feel which many people prefer. With most villas, you will have access to a kitchen, living room, dining area and a garden which are things you don’t normally have access to in a hotel. Living in a home away from home is more convenient for many holidaymakers, you have access to washing facilities for clothes, a secure area for children to play safely, access to a kitchen, space for cars and much more.


I have already touched on flexibility when it comes to mealtimes but there’s so much more flexibility if you’re staying in a villa. You can come and go as you please without worrying about disturbing other people, hiring cars isn’t an issue because you will have parking spaces, children can play in a safe and enclosed area and you can cook food everyone likes.


If you have ever compared villa and hotel accommodation you might have noticed that when you’re looking for a large party it’s often cheaper to hire a villa! If you think a villa will be better suited to your holiday party then it’s worth booking early, especially if you have a very large party because these villas will get booked up quickly and you will have less choice. If you’re lucky enough to be looking to buy a holiday villa you could rent it out when you’re not using it, this is something many people with a holiday home do.


Many hotels are grouped together and situated in the most popular and commercial areas so it’s convenient for visitors, however, if you’re looking for a more authentic experience a villa might be a better choice. Villas are usually located in residential areas which means you’re away from the hustle and bustle of hotels, bars and clubs which offers a more relaxed experience.

*This is a collaborative post.

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