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5 Reasons to Send a Personalised Card this Mother’s Day

With just over a week until Mother’s Day, if you have left it until the last minute to find the perfect Mother’s Day present and buy a card (like me) then don’t panic. I will be heading to town on Friday to find a present for my mum, I will also be taking my nephew who wants to find a present and card for his mum. One thing we’re not short of in our town centre is card shops, off the top of my head we have 7 card shops, some I don’t use and others such as Card Factory I use regularly (we have 3 in town!).

This year I have decided to get my mum a personalised card for Mother’s Day from Card Factory, I think there’s something much more personal and thoughtful about a personalised card. I was worried there might not be much choice but there’s a huge range available and not just for Mother’s Day. You can also find Birthday cards, Father’s Day cards, new baby cards and many other celebration cards which you can personalise with a name, text or photo.

Personal touch

The most obvious reason for choosing a personalised card is the fact it will be personal to the person you’re giving it to. You can choose to add their name, a caption or even a lovely photo of you both which would be perfect for a Mother’s Day card. Many of the personalised cards available on the Card Factory website will also let you choose which size you would like and you can send direct to the recipient or to yourself and then send it on with the spare envelope provided.

Quick and hassle free

I’m not sure about you but heading to the town centre when there’s a special day such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day coming up means it gets pretty busy and there’s nothing worse than making the trip to get something only to find out everyone’s got there before you. With the online personalised card service, it’s quick and easy to create and send a personalised card, you can even add a gift or two while you’re at it and relax knowing everything will arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

Lots of choices

I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at the huge variety of personalised cards available for Mother’s Day at Card Factory. There are a total of 12 pages full of personalised Mother’s Day cards to choose from which is amazing, there’s definitely something to suit everyone.

Reasonably priced

I have purchased personalised cards in the past and would usually pay around £4/£5 per card, this I thought was the normal price until I saw the price of personalised cards on the Card Factory website! Personalised cards start from as little as 99p and delivery is 55p for second class or 64p for first class. I was really surprised to be able to create a personalised card for the same price as it would cost to purchase a card instore.

Everyone can get involved

If you’re looking for a card for a young child to give to their mum then the great thing about a personalised card is they can feel a part of the process. You could let them choose which photo to add and perhaps create the text inside the card or you could do that on their behalf if they’re very young. If you would prefer the card to be written in you could send the card to yourself for them to write themselves and then send it on from there.

Will you be sending a personalised card this Mother’s Day?

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