doctor-563428_1280 A GP, or general practitioner, is the doctor that you will first make contact with whenever you are not feeling well, whether you have the flu or a more serious condition that requires a specialist to have a look at you. These professionals are the experts that will help care for your entire family while providing health education, preventative care, and treatments for both acute and chronic conditions. Therefore, it’s important to choose a GP you can trust and that you feel comfortable with.

However, in addition to choosing your NHS GP, you should also consider having a private GP as well. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of taking this route for your health care needs.

1. Private GPs Offer a Wide Array of Health Care Services

General practitioners are located everywhere you go, and they also offer a variety of health care services. For example, women can get important health advice and treatments, and you can also gain valuable advice and help when it comes to treating both minor and major illnesses. Plus, you can also get blood tests, referrals to see specialists, prescriptions for medications and other treatments, x-rays, and more.

2. Quick Private GP Appointments

Sometimes it can be difficult to get an appointment with an NHS GP. In those cases, it is best to have a private GP as well so that you can gain access to quick and private GP appointments at places like the London Doctors Clinic whenever you need them, without having to wait and without having to put your health at risk in the meantime.

3. Walk-Ins Welcome

Some private general practitioner offices even offer health care services and treatments to walk-ins so you can see a doctor as soon as you need to without even having to make an appointment and wait for the care that you need.

4. See the Doctor You Want to See

If you are not satisfied with the care that you are receiving from an NHS doctor or you know of a private GP whose services you really want to take advantage of, you can certainly see the doctor that you really want to see without having to make any sacrifices.

5. NHS Care Will Still Be Free

Even if you opt to have an additional private general practitioner assist you in taking care of your health, you can rest assured that the care that you receive from your NHS doctor will still be totally free of charge. This means that your doctor can’t ask you to pay any money towards the care you receive through NHS, but the NHS also can’t subsidise or pay for any private hospital care or treatments you receive either.

Ultimately, you need to have a clear separation between your NHS GP and your private GP, but having both will definitely help you get the care that you need when you need it, and you can also rest easy knowing that your NHS waiting list position won’t be affected by your choice to see a private GP.

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