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5 Storage Hacks For A Small Bathroom

Modern homes in the UK have long been known for their compact size and unfortunately, this includes our bathrooms too. When space is at a premium it can be difficult to create a clutter-free bathroom, luckily there are a few storage hacks you can use to help you create more storage space in a small bathroom.

Why not try these space-saving storage hacks for a small bathroom to help you create more space and reduce clutter.

Install a space-saving shower rail

Shampoo, shower gel and the normal bathroom essentials can take up a lot of space and create a cluttered bathroom. Instead of having a bath piled high with bottles, why not hang a second shower rail at the back of the bath where you can safely hang your essentials out of the way. Simply use hooks, baskets and clips to secure your items then hang them from the rail to create a clutter-free environment.

Make an above the door shelf

There’s a space in most bathrooms that isn’t utilised – the space above the door. If you’re struggling for storage why not add a shelf above the door, it’s a space that will otherwise go unused but could provide just the storage you need. You can then store your items neatly out of the way above the door. Try using canvas storage boxes to keep things organised on the shelf, you could even buy boxes to match your decor.

Consider an under the sink cabinet

Another space that often goes unused in the bathroom is the space under the sink, it can be an awkward shape and difficult to know how to best use that space but you could consider an under the sink cabinet. There are many options available and they offer a lot of extra storage for products that would otherwise be lying around your bathroom.

Add a shelf 

We all have items we use daily that we like to have to hand, so why not add a small shelf above your bathroom sink to help create some extra space. You can use the shelf to keep your everyday essentials to hand. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution if you’re only in need of a little extra storage.

Create a storage wall

If you don’t have any available floor space then why not get creative and make your own storage wall. There are several different ways you can create a storage wall, my Pinterest account has a wealth of great ideas when it comes to DIY projects and bathroom decor so you could start there.

Do you have any storage hacks for creating more space in a small bathroom?

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