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5 stylish new accessories that fit in the palm of your hand

Accessories, it seems, are getting packed with more and more technology while, ironically, becoming aesthetically more subtle. It could take a while for you to notice that the person you’re speaking to in the pub is wearing an Apple Watch, which can track many aspects of the wearer’s fitness. 

If you’ve been considering adding to your electronics stash or would simply like to buy a thoughtful new gift for a loved one, here are a few palm-friendly goodies particularly worth considering.   


What better item could there be to hold in your palm than, well… an item sold under the legendary Palm brand? You might be old enough to remember when the Palm name adorned PDAs, which were basically the predecessors to smartphones. Well, Palm is back… and potentially in your palm. 

The brand has released the Palm Phone, which you can order from Vodafone. The Android-based device is only about credit card size and offers a streamlined alternative to standard smartphones. 

Jelly Comb Folding Bluetooth Keyboard 

It’s always satisfying to type on a physical QWERTY keyboard; however, if you are a writing nomad, you could struggle to find such a keyboard that you could easily take around with you. Fortunately, Jelly Comb offers a keyboard which you can fold up to fit inside a pocket. 

This accessory’s roughly seven-ounce, metal-and-polymer body is, when fully folded down, only about as large as a large smartphone, says Digital Trends, and is compatible with various devices. 

Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker 

Many of us are health-conscious, but also style-conscious; sadly, many fitness trackers can be rather bulky, ugly things, leaving us looking more like tagged criminals than well-intentioned fitness buffs. 

Such concerns seem to have driven the development of the Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker. From the outside, it just looks like a pretty necklace or bracelet, but a female friend or relative could use it to track their steps, calorie expenditure, stress and menstrual cycles.  

8BitDo Mini Zero Bluetooth Gamepad 

These days, probably all of the games you want to play are right there in the app store of your smartphone or tablet. However, repeatedly tapping on the screen to play can feel awkward – it doesn’t recreate the tangible feeling of grabbing a dedicated physical controller in the old days. 

Fortunately, nostalgic gamers can recreate the “glory days” by wirelessly connecting this small, SNES-style controller, which comes with 12 buttons, to their phone or tablet. 


Quitting smoking can be difficult – but, whether it’s you or someone else in the social circle attempting to abandon cigarettes for good, there’s still the potential of relying on a “crutch”. That could come in the form of a device called a vaporiser, which would allow the user to vape. 

As reported by The Guardian, Public Health England has insisted that vaping is 95% less adverse than smoking and could help smokers to quit. Vape devices come in various forms, too – including vape pod systems. Available in vape pod kits, they combine benefits of vape pens and box mods. 

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