When you think about air compressors, you might not feel very inspired, or imagine it has many uses, but it could just surprise you. Air compressors are used in many work tools now and have a lot of different uses.

If you own an air compressor chances are it comes in handy for quite a few tasks, including inflating your car tyres and pressure washing your driveway. But, did you know there are a lot of surprising, and fun uses for an air compressor which you might not know.

Airbrush painting

If you have an air compressor, spray gun and love being creative, you could use your air compressor to do some airbrush painting. You could customise your car, your children’s bikes, helmets or scooter, the possibilities are endless. Airbrush painting with an air compressor is easy and fun. If you have a smaller air compressor this will be perfect for airbrush painting.

Paintball guns

If you’ve ever been paint-balling you will be aware that small air compressors are used in many cases to fire the paint balls. Many people keen on paint-balling have created their own paintball guns using a compressor, but care must be taken when doing this to avoid injury.

Nail/staple gun

To use a nail gun you will need an air compressor. If you have any DIY jobs which require nails to be hammered in then a nail gun will drastically reduce the time you spend on this task. I recently laid a wooden floor and edging, the edging took a while to hammer into place and having a nail gun would have been a lot quicker. It’s on my list if I ever need to lay flooring again.



If you have ever been diving then you will already know that specialist diving air compressors are used to provide breathing air directly to the divers. These air compressors are rigorously tested and meet the highest safety standards to make sure they are safe for use. I didn’t really give it much though and was surprised that an air compressor was used in this way.

Let it snow

Christmas is fast approaching, that magical time of year when Father Christmas makes an appearance, homes are covered in twinkling lights and if we’re lucky we get some snow. For the last couple of years snow has been a rarity in the south of the UK, which is disappointing, especially for children. But, did you know you can use your air compressor to turn your garden into a winter wonderland! Wouldn’t that be amazing! There are a lot of online resources that will show you how to make a DIY snow machine if you want to give it a try.

Were you surprised by any of the uses mentioned above? Do you know of any great uses for an air compressor?

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