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5 Things I Would Love to Change About my Home

I can’t quite believe I have been living in my home for just over 2 and a half years already, how time flies. I had a lot of plans for 2018 to make my house a home, some I have completed but I still have some decorating to do. I love my home but if you asked me if there was anything I would change about it the answer would be yes! In fact, there are a few things I would love to change given half the chance including the below.
Although I have a garage which is home to the usual items such as a Christmas tree, boxes of miscellaneous kitchen items and other random household items, my storage indoors is lacking. I have a cupboard in my bathroom which houses my hoover, mop, clothes dryer etc, essentially it’s an airing cupboard that is home to my smaller household items which aren’t used daily and that I don’t want on display.
My kitchen is the area I lack storage the most. I’m not sure if this was a design flaw or if our lives now mean an increase in gadgets and kitchen related goods which leads to full cupboards and countertops. I would love to be able to add more cupboards to my kitchen. I do have a free wall where more cupboards could be added or a couple of shelves where I could store a few items to reduce how full my cupboards are so this is something I will consider when I decorate my kitchen next year.
My front door leads directly to my staircase but unfortunately, it’s an enclosed staircase which makes it a dark area that gets very little natural light, especially in the winter months. I recently painted the walls in a lovely grey colour but unfortunately with how dark the area is the grey paint was too dark and I have since had to paint over it.
If I had the opportunity I would definitely change the staircase. I have even looked at staircase manufacturers where you can buy contemporary staircases and I would love a contemporary style but at the moment it’s sadly not possible for me to change this aspect of my home as much as I would like to.
I have mentioned in the past that my home doesn’t get a lot of light and honestly, I’m not sure if that’s down to the position it’s in or perhaps surrounding houses blocking the sun but it can often be dark, especially during winter. Sadly I can’t change the natural light or the position of my home but I would love to change the position of a few lights and add more lights to my home.
I have already mentioned my dark staircase which has one light upstairs and one light downstairs, I would love to move the upstairs light so it’s hanging above the stairs rather than in the hallway. I think moving the position would let more light into the area and brighten it up. I would also love to add some spotlights in the kitchen and undercabinet lights which could help bring some brightness into the room.
I’m not saying the layout of my home is awful, it’s not but if I could I would definitely tweak it slightly. I have a living room/kitchen which I know is seen as modern and stylish but personally, I prefer the rooms to be separate. In fact, I changed my living room round to create the illusion of two separate rooms with the back of the sofa creating a kind of room separation.
A garden
I don’t have a garden at the moment and I have to admit I do miss being able to just walk into my garden where I can relax during the summer, have bbq’s and let Rua (my cat) outside to relax. For this reason, I would love to have a garden and I think in the future having no garden would be a deal breaker for me.
What would you most love to change about your home?

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