5 Unique Ideas for a Loved One’s Birthday Present

Trying to find new ideas for people’s birthdays is incredibly difficult, especially when they always seem to get it so right for you.  

Sometimes, another new pair of socks or a new gift set featuring the latest bubble bath and other smellies, just isn’t enough. And in those cases, here are some cool ideas that’ll go down well with all types of recipients:  

  1. Concert Tickets

Whether they’re a huge Take That fan or they love listening to new music, concerts and gigs are as popular as ever, which means there’s always something going on. Find a nearby concert that you think they’ll like, or for bigger birthdays, make a weekend of it by booking tickets and accommodation.  

  1. Spa Day 

If you know your recipient could do with some ‘time out’, why not give them the perfect excuse by booking them onto a spa day? There are hundreds of spas around the country that offer great packages, some of which include afternoon tea, overnight stays and other treatments for added wow factor.  

And the best bit? You can even book yourself on the trip with them so you can get some much-needed ‘me time’ too! 

  1. Theatre Tickets 

There’s nothing quite like going to the theatre to see a star-studded show, and with companies like Discount London offering great deals across a range of shows, you can pull out all the stops for your loved one’s birthday. From classics like The Phantom of the Opera to new favourites like Tina the Musical, there’s something for everyone. Plus you can make it into a long weekend, taking in some of the sights London has to offer.  

  1. Arrange a Day Out 

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a whole day out planned for you. So rather than asking your loved one what they’d like to do on their birthday, why not arrange a surprise day out/weekend away? 

From taking them to their favourite restaurant to heading out on their favourite walk, there are so many ways you can make this day personal and extra special – and all of the attention to detail you go to is sure to make this a birthday to remember.  

  1. Experience Days

As you can see, all of the above are about making memories – the most timeless gift you can give someone. And if you’re stuck for ideas, why not look at specialist experience days which cover everything from exploring breweries to driving around a race track. If you’re still not sure what your recipient would like, get a gift voucher for one of these companies so they can choose for themselves.  

*This is a guest post.

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