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5 Vintage Watch Selections You Must Add To Your List


If you decided a few decades ago to start collecting quality timepieces, your collection might be worth significantly more than you could imagine, as the current trend sees prices of some brands rocketing. Vintage watches are a solid investment, especially as the digital age is making the traditional timepiece somewhat unnecessary, and the practicality of watch wearing has given way to the fashionable side, and if you want to be noticed when out and about, here are a few safe bets, if you can manage to source them, that is. 

  1. 1960s Rolex Submariner – Rolex’s Flagship, the Submariner saw radical changes after this period, and if you can manage to find one of these, you really should add this to your collection. There are reputable online suppliers, and Kalmar Antiques offer rare vintage watches at affordable prices, and you should definitely bookmark sites like this, as they regularly have stunning new arrivals.
  2. Late 80s Submariner – Another good selection, especially with the blue and red outer band, and if the piece is in very good condition, this would make the ideal long-term investment and is a great watch to wear when out and about. Slightly larger than their ancestors, they have become iconic over the years, and are quite rare today. There are online suppliers of vintage watches, and with a little browsing, you will likely find a solid investment to add to your collection. 
  3. The Omega Speedmaster – This range is eagerly sought after, especially the ones with the earlier 321 movement, and with serious collectors always on the lookout, should you manage to locate one in good condition, it is a must add to your collection. If you would like to know more about Omega watches and a little of their history, there are informative articles online that are full of details and goes right back to the very beginning. 
  4. Seiko Sports Watches – Specifically 60s and 70s, this range is a firm favourite with avid collectors of today, and made with amazingly durable movements, no collection can be seriously considered without at least one Seiko sports model. There are also interesting accounts of a Seiko factory tour, where they have an amazing museum that houses some of their very rare and exceptional timepieces that are well worth a look. 
  5. Three Hand Omegas – Look for models like “Constellation”, “Seamaster”, and “Geneve” as they are very much sought after and have seen a sharp rise in value over the past few years. The 1950s and 60s is the era to zone in on, and with reputable online suppliers, you might be lucky to source such a timepiece. 

The general condition of the vintage watch market is good, and as the chronograph begins to be phased out by the smart watch, their value is likely to continue to rise. For serious collectors, keeping your ear to the ground is essential, and by checking the online suppliers on a regular basis, you might be lucky and manage to snap up a real bargain. As an investment, vintage watches are a safe bet, and providing you are careful with your purchases, it is possible to amass a valuable collection that will continue to increase in value as time goes by. 

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