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5 Ways to Get Your Home Autumn Ready

Although we have been very lucky here in the UK with high temperatures and lots of sunshine this Autumn, it will gradually begin to get colder and wetter as time goes on. If the extended Summer sunshine has lured you into a false sense of security and you have yet to think about preparing your home for Autumn then don’t worry, I have taken the hassle out of the preparation for you and have created a list of things you can do to get your home ready for the changing seasons. 

Pack away unused items and sell unwanted goods 

Never mind a Spring clean, an Autumn clean is where it’s at. With Christmas fast approaching now is a great time to have a clear out of unwanted items, clothes, gadgets, kids’ toys etc and sell them to make way for new items. It’s a great time to sell unwanted items because others are looking for a bargain. 

If space is in short supply, then why not pack away items you won’t need again until next year. Pack away your warm weather clothes to make way for woolly knits and chunky boots. If you like to decorate your home for each season, then it’s time to swap pineapples and flamingos for pumpkins and candles. 

Complete DIY projects 

The days are shorter and darker during Autumn and Winter, in fact, we will soon be turning the clocks back and it will be even darker. For many of us the time is scarce and doing DIY after a hard day’s work and in the dark is a difficult task so before the clocks go back get those last-minute jobs finished. 

Most of us have some unfinished DIY tasks, for me, that’s painting my hallway and buying/fitting a new shower rail. They’re only small tasks but life is busy, and I never seem to find the time or energy to finish them. I am planning to paint my hallway in the next couple of weeks and I need to decide on a new shower rail, I have seen a few that look good on https://www.byretech.com/ but as I’ve mentioned before I’m pretty indecisive. The good thing is these jobs should only take me a day if I put my mind to it, so I just need to make time to do them, I know I’ll feel good about it once they’re done. 

Check your heating system 

Now is the best time to check your heating and plumbing systems. There’s nothing worse than turning your heating on to find out it’s not working, and you can’t get anyone to fix it when it’s minus 2 outside. Don’t wait until then to check your system, check that everything is working, and your radiators are heating up as they should and that you don’t have any leaks anywhere. If you find a problem now you will be able to get it fixed before the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

Add some homely Autumnal touches 

If you love styling your home for the seasons this is something you will enjoy. Why not add a few Autumnal colours to your home, think throws, cosy cushions, Autumnal fragranced candles and pumpkins dotted around your home. I always find it’s lovely to change the decor around for the different seasons it makes everything feel fresh. 

Prepare your garden 

Our gardens get less use during the Autumn months and often no use during Winter so now is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the coming months. The weather is still nice so getting out and organising your garden can be enjoyable rather than rushing to clear up when it’s wet and windy outside. 

Move garden furniture and other small items into storage if possible, if that’s not an option try and secure them in an area of your garden which is protected from wind and rain. Secure large items such as trampolines and swing sets to ensure they are safe and won’t cause damage during windy weather. You can also use this time to clear away dead plants and plant new seasonal bulbs, clear leaves from your guttering and garden, give your grass one last cut but not too short or you could cause lasting damage and if you need to treat or paint any surface now is the time to do this. 

I also have some tips for creating a warm and cosy conservatory and preparing your home for Winter which you might find useful if you want to make sure your home is ready for the changing seasons. 

Is your home ready for autumn?

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