In an ideal world, we would never have to worry about unexpected bills, items breaking down or other things cropping up that costs us money unexpectedly. For many of us, this is a reality and we do worry if the car breaks, the dog needs a trip to the vets or the children need new clothes.

It can be a really stressful time when you’re faced with the unexpected and usually family and friends are our first port of call when we need help and advice with such things, unfortunately, that’s not always an option. If you’re being faced with an unexpected bill I have provided some suggestions below on ways to help cover unexpected expenses.

Sell your unwanted items
I know what you’re thinking, you don’t have anything to sell. But I bet if you looked, and I mean really looked you would find a few items hidden away that could make you some money. Old toys, clothes, DVD’s etc are all items that can help make you some money. You could choose to list the items on eBay (do remember you will have to pay fees for this), or you could try listing your items on Gumtree or local Facebook selling groups.

Emergency fund
Having a backup in case of emergencies is always advisable. Whether you can put aside £50 or £5 a month it will soon build up and will be a weight off your mind knowing should an unexpected bill arise you will have something put aside to help.

Utilise your talent
If you have a hidden talent, now is the time to show it off and use it to your advantage. Can you knit, paint or sew? If you have a talent why not think about ways you can use that talent to make money. Sell your artwork, refurbished furniture or knitted masterpieces to put some money in your pocket.

Consider a loan
If you have tried all of the above then it might be time to consider a short term loan. A short term loan can help you pay any immediate bills, but they do come with interest so do your homework before taking out a loan to make sure you’re getting the best possible rate. Swift Money Payday Loans is one such company that offers short term loans.

Re-evaluate your bills
This is something you can usually do once a year. When it’s time for your contract with your bill providers to expire you can look to see if any other companies are offering a better rate which will save you money each month. Uswitch is a great resource when looking to compare energy providers and such. You will usually have to give 30 days notice so do bear that in mind too. Also going through websites such as Quidco can give you cashback on your bills and everyday items too so it’s worth signing up there if you haven’t already.

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