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I recently touched on the fact that I want to finish decorating this year. I want to paint, buy a few final items and add those cosy, homely touches to every room. I’m really looking forward to finishing my bedroom. At the moment it’s cream with white furniture and has a desk in the corner so I can work from there, but it’s not very homely. I want to paint it, create more of a working corner, add decorative touches and make if feel a lot more stylish than it is right now,

I will be working with a budget to create my new look bedroom so thought I would share a few ideas I will be using to add a touch of luxury to my bedroom but on a budget. Something I have learnt from looking at bedroom decor ideas is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth to look stylish.

Add a sheepskin rug

Sheepskin rugs look and feel luxurious, but if you shop around you can find lovely sheepskin rugs at affordable prices. You can get a style and colour to suit any room including mink, ivory, grey and also a variety of sizes to suit every budget. They aren’t restricted to just the floor either, I have seen many people drape their sheepskin rug over their office chair and it looks lovely. They great thing about sheepskin rugs is the fact they’re so versatile and look amazing no matter where you put them.

Include a full length mirror

Having a full length mirror can add a nice touch to a bedroom. Not only is it practical having a full length mirror for trying on outfits, but the mirror will reflect light and help open up the room making it look bigger. It doesn’t have to be an heirloom either. You can buy a simple framed mirror and add your own touch to it. If you buy a white framed mirror you have the perfect base to start with and only your imagination is your limit.

Install a hanging light

Changing your light can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your bedroom and help add a touch of elegance and even romance. Pendant lights are all the rage at the moment and this is the style of light I have been looking at for my bedroom. You can get pendant lights in a range of different colours and sizes, my personal favourite being a copper cage pendant. A great place to find unique statement lighting is charity shops and car boot sales, where you can pick up a bargain and bring it back to life to make it look how you would like it. A little bit of spray paint can really change the look of something for a few pounds.

Decorate with pillows and throws

There’s something about a bed with a throw and lots of decorative pillows that makes it look stylish, wouldn’t you agree? The pillows don’t have to be expensive either, you could even try making your own if you’re good with a sewing machine. It’s really surprising how much a throw and a few large, overstuffed pillows can add to the look of your bedroom and make it feel a lot more put together and stylish. As a rule of thumb, the pillows shouldn’t take up more than a quarter of the bed.

Update your hardware

One inexpensive and quick way to add style to your room is to update your hardware. If you have a furniture which is looking a little tired, adding new handles can help bring them back to life and doesn’t cost the earth. This is something you don’t need any expert knowledge to do, the handles are held on with a screw and nut so are easy to change yourself. You could even get creative and make your own personalised handles to really show off you individual style.

Will you be putting any of the above ideas to use in your bedroom, or do you have any other ideas you would like to share?

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