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If you’re planning your wedding and you’re looking for inspiration for wedding favours then you have come to the right place. Unless you have a wedding planner you will be organising your wedding yourself which is no easy feat, but certainly an amazing achievement. Planning your wedding yourself will also ensure you get exactly what you want, within a budget of course!

Along with bridesmaid dresses, seating plans, flowers and the hundreds of other decisions you will have to make, your choice of wedding favours will no doubt be on your mind. Choosing wedding favours can be overwhelming and it can be difficult thinking of ideas that your guests will like. If you’re stuck for ideas then keep reading because I have shared 5 wedding favours your guests will love below.

Pick ‘n Mix

This is something both children and adults will love. Everyone loves a Pick ‘n Mix so why not set up a small sweet station as your wedding favours. Give each guest a sweet bag or small jar to fill with their favourite sweets before they leave for the night, just make sure you have enough for everyone. You could even personalise some of the sweets. Love Hearts and M&M’s are a popular choice to personalise for weddings and they taste delicious. The great thing about a sweet bar is you can even design it to match your colour scheme.


This is one wedding favour your adult guests will appreciate. You could choose a selection of different drinks so there’s something everyone will love or you could pick your favourite tipple for others to enjoy. Just Miniatures is an online miniatures store which would be perfect for buying your miniature wedding favours. Not only do they have a huge choice but they also offer personalised miniatures and have a dedicated wedding favours section.


Personally, I love this idea. There are many places you can purchase packs of seeds from that can be personalised. You could personalise the seeds with your married name and date or with the name of the person receiving the seeds. This is a gift which won’t break the bank but which will make people smile when the seeds grow and the flowers bloom. When your wedding guests look at the flowers it will also serve as a lovely reminder of your special day. And for that reason, don’t forget to keep a packet or two for yourself!


This a fun idea and one that can be simple and shop bought or unique and personalised. You could buy a scratchcard for each guest as a wedding favour which would mean a fun, yet uncomplicated wedding favour. Or you could go a step further and buy or make personalised scratchcards. You could personalise your scratchcards so there are a few winners hidden in the batch and set aside a few fun prizes. I think this would be a really fun wedding favour and would create a lot of fun and excitement.

A charity donation

If you want to do something a little different then why not give to charity instead of buying wedding favours. Many charities are reliant solely on the generosity of the public to keep running and a donation could make a big difference. A lot of charities now have a wedding favours option when it comes to making a donation. For each donation, they will send a lapel pin and a personalised card which includes details of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding and usually a note on how the donation will help the charity.

I hope you have found my wedding favours suggestions helpful. If you have any ideas you would like to share please leave a comment below I would love to hear your suggestions.

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