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I recently blogged about my house plans for 2017 and talked about what I want to do in terms of decorating and updating. my home. I need to decorate the whole house so have a lot of work to do and have been looking at ways I can decorate and update my home on a budget.

One room I have been stuck on for a little while is the bathroom. Unfortunately, my budget only stretches so far so I have been looking into ways I can update my bathroom without spending a small fortune. I have joined forces with Superbath to show you how you can update your bathroom on a budget. I will be using these tips when it comes to updating my bathroom this year.

Self-adhesive floor tiles

If your floor is looking a little old and tired but you don’t have the budget to lay a new floor, why not compromise and invest in some self-adhesive floor tiles. The great thing about self-adhesive floor tiles is they are available in so many different patterns which means there’s a style and design to suit every taste, they’re also relatively cheap when compared to a new floor. Laying the tiles is quick and easy which means you won’t have to pay someone to lay them for you. They are available online and from DIY shops such as B&Q and Homebase. Alternatively, you could paint your floor if you have wooden flooring or if your budgets will allow laying vinyl might be an option.

New fixtures

Buying a new bathroom suite is not cheap, the average cost of a new bathroom is around £3,000 but this can vary hugely depending on what you want. If you want your bathroom to feel like new without the cost then you could consider some new bathroom fixtures which will cost a lot less than a new suite. There are hundreds of different options when it comes to choosing new fixtures, Grohe from Superbath has some gorgeous fixture choices including kitchen taps and bathroom fixtures that are guaranteed to give your bathroom an expensive feel to it. You would be surprised how a new tap and shower head can change the whole look and feel of your bathroom.


One of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your bathroom on a budget is with a fresh lick of paint. Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house so they don’t take a lot of paint to redecorate. You might even have paint left over from other projects which would be enough to redecorate your bathroom.

Update tiles

If you have a tiled bathroom and you’re on a budget then retiling the whole bathroom might be out of the question. The good new is there are ways you can update your tiles to give your bathroom a new look on a budget. You can buy specialist tile paint which is inexpensive and paint your tiles to a colour of your choosing. If you don’t want to paint every tile you could paint in a pattern. Another alternative is to buy a stencil and spray paint a pattern on your tiles, or again in a pattern every couple of tiles or so. If you don’t want to redecorate your tiles you could simply clean or regrout the tiles to make them look like new.

Update old light fittings

Bathroom light fittings might not be your top priority when thinking about redecorating your bathroom but you would be surprised at the difference new light fittings can make. Gone are the days where there were few choices for bathroom lights and now we are spoilt for choice. Updating light fittings is inexpensive

Repurpose old items

Do you have old shelfs, crates of a chest lying around? If you have old items you’re not using why not repurpose them and create something you could use in your bathroom instead? Repurposing an old item will give it a new lease of life and you a sense of achievement having created a lovely new item for your bathroom.

Update bathroom accessories

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your bathroom a new lease of life is to buy some new bathroom accessories. Toothbrush holders, shower curtain, bath mat and towels can all be replaced cheaply and can help change the look of your bathroom with minimal cost and effort. If you fancy a colour change in your bathroom this is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

If you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom but you’re stuck for ideas why not follow me on Pinterest where I have a lot of bathroom decor inspiration that you might find useful.

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