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Cosy Winter Bedroom

It’s officially Winter. The clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and colder, the trees are looking bare and the wet weather is setting in, but, it doesn’t have to be all bad. Along with the shorter, darker days come the cosy slippers, flickering candles and woolly blankets. Not all bad, right?!

I love preparing for Winter and making the house cosy and warm, I especially enjoy cosyifying (perhaps not a real word) my bedroom. I swap bright and bold for warm and cosy colours, a minimalist looking bed for throws, cushions and fairy lights, all in all I love the Winter months for making the indoors seem so cosy. I’m lucky that I like the Winter months, this isn’t the same for everyone. Some people don’t like the colder months, if this is you then never fear. I have compiled a list of 8 essentials to help you create a cosy bedroom this Winter!

  1. A warm duvet. If you’re in need of a new duvet there’s no better time to invest in one, a cosy new duvet to see you through the colder Winter months and beyond. I invested in an all year round duvet around two years back and it was a great decision, it keeps me warm and cosy during the Winter months but cool and comfortable during the warmer months too.
  2. Candles are a lovely addition to the home during the Autumn/Winter months. They make the home feel cosy and if you get a Wintery/Christmassy fragrance it will really keep your spirits high and have your home smelling beautiful throughout the festive period.
  3. If you love the glow of candles you’re sure to love fairy lights. They light up the room without being too bright and help create a really cosy atmosphere.
  4. Bed canopies are all the rage at the moment and having one above your bed can help create a lovely cosy feel. If you hang the fairy lights around the bed canopy it will create a lovely effect above and around your bed.
  5. A rug is a great addition to your bedroom, especially throughout the chillier months. It gives you something warm to walk on, and a rug can tie the whole look of a room together. 
  6. There’s something about cushions on a bed that makes it look so comfortable and cosy. I love having a few small cushions on my bed, it makes it look homely and they are great for lounging on the bed during the day.
  7. Sometimes, no matter how many duvets and blankets you have only a hot water bottle will do. This is definitely an essential item for any Winter bedroom, perfect for keeping you cosy and warm, day or night. I love the bottles you get with the fur covers, they are amazing!
  8. I already mentioned the all year round duvet to keep you warm but if you’re just lazing around a cosy throw might be just the thing. You can get so many different patterns and colours and they look great draped over the bed.

Do you have any tips for creating a cosy bedroom?

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