Right now your mind is probably focused on Christmas day. Perhaps you still have cards to write and send, gifts to buy and food to prepare. But at this time of year, many people also spare a thought to their home interior and how it looks, after all, with all those unexpected guests wanting to wish you good cheer you want your home to look its best. One room many people seem to disregard and place low on the priority list is their bedrooms. But, why shouldn’t it be an important room to invest in? It’s the place you retire to at the end of the day. So why not treat yourself this Christmas and give yourself a bedroom makeover, with these hacks it is definitely possible.


Get furniture as part of a Christmas present

You may be one of those people who just doesn’t know how to respond if someone asks you what you would like for Christmas, especially if it is your partner or close family. So instead you could be really frugal and choose to use the gift as your bedroom furniture instead. Instead of buying each other gifts you could choose to gift yourself a new bedroom and even treat yourselves to that super king bed you have always wanted. It’s a great way to ensure that you put any money you would have spent to good use and actually get something you want and will benefit from.

Choose a neutral colour palette

Neutral colours are always going to stand the test of time. The beauty of a neutral palette is the colour choices tend to go with everything. This makes your accessories and home styling much easier and interchangeable. Add a hint of colour through bedspreads and pillows. Or even candles and photo frames to add a pop of colour to a bedside table or window sill.

Create zones to make your bedroom feel multifunctional

Our bedrooms can have a mish mash of functionality. From the place everything gets dumped, to your little piece of heaven in your home where you have five minutes to read. So creating zones in your room is a great way to segregate the space and keep things feeling in order, and not messy.


Don’t underestimate the power of candles

Candles, especially scented ones, are a great way to add atmosphere and clever lighting to your bedroom. It can give the impression of luxury while encouraging you to relax in your bedroom space. They also make great looking accessories.

Use accessories to change the look of your room from season to season

Sometimes it’s nice to have the option of changing things around as each season approaches. A fantastic way to do this is changing your bed linen or pillow decorations to match an autumn or winter theme, then adding brighter colours for the summer. Some people also like to bring a bit of festive cheer to their bedrooms, so accessories are a great way to do this.

Declutter to make your room feel bigger

Finally, clutter can make a room feel messy and small. So take a moment of your day to get rid of any unwanted items or rubbish. You won’t believe the difference it can make.

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