A Cosy Cat Is A Happy Cat

Feedem is one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of pet food, goods and accessories. The website is a one stop shop for all your animal needs and has a fantastic selection of products available for cats, dogs, small animals, birds, horses, reptiles, and aquatic animals. What’s more many of the products are available at less than the recommended retail price meaning you can get quality products for your pet whilst saving money.

Rua sleeps in the kitchen at night due to the fact she meows and constantly scratches at the door if she is left to roam the house. When she joined us she took a liking to my nephews bean bag straight away and has slept on that ever since, we put it in the kitchen at night time and she happily sleeps on it.

Although I know she’s happy and comfortable on the bean bag I have been looking at the different cat beds that are available, there is a great selection of cat beds available on the Feedem website at really reasonable prices so choosing one wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I managed to whittle it down to three of my favourite beds before choosing ‘the one’.

The first bed I saw that I thought would be suitable was the Danish Design Fluffy Purple Cushion Bed, it looked fluffy, comfortable and I really liked the fact the bed is washable. If you’re a pet owner you’ll know how mucky paws can get especially over the wet winter months so this is a great feature. The bed has an rrp of £26.85 but is available from Feedem for £22.99.


The second bed I considered was the Rosewood Luxury Faux Fur Cat Tunnel, I really liked the fact this bed can be used on the floor and over the radiator.  It has an easy removable cover which is also washable, it’s great to be able to freshen up pets bedding when needed. This bed has an rrp of £24.99 but is available from Feedem for just £19.99.


The bed I decided to go with in the end was the Danish Design Cat Cosy Fleece Bed, this comes in either a cream paw print design or a leopard print design and is available in two sizes, small and medium. I love the fact the bed has high sides which helps make pets feel comfortable and secure. The small paw print design bed has an rrp of £18.84 but is available to buy from Feedem for £17.20.

I chose the cream paw print design bed as the bed will be kept in the living room during the day and is more neutral. My first thoughts on the bed were that it looked well made, comfortable and sturdy. I did have one concern with the cat bed before it arrived which was that the walls might not be sturdy enough and the bed would become misshappen but when it arrived it was clear that the walls are really sturdy and my concerns were unfounded.

I would highly recommend the Cat Cosy Fleece Bed if you’re looking for a bed that is comfortable, made to last and reasonably priced. If you’re in need of any pet products take a look at the Feedem website, their service, products and prices are all fantastic.

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