A day in the life of a writer’s block sufferer

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few days, there are a few reasons for this but the main reason is dreaded writer’s block. I know what I want to write and in my head it sounds good but trying to translate that to a blog post is a different matter entirely. I am slowly losing my mind staring at a blank screen for hours on end. 

If you’ve had writer’s block you’ll understand how frustrating it is, you might also be able to relate to my ‘blogging’ day below. Does it sound familiar?

A day in the life of someone with writers block!

Wake Up 
Declare today a no Facebook day
Open a blank page
Put your fingers on the keys
Wait for them to move
Wait a little longer
Take fingers off the keys
Stare at the computer screen
Shut your eyes
Pray for inspiration
Start mumbling to yourself
Get up and make a drink
Decide to try writing a different blog post 
Get comfortable, it’s all going to flow from here
Spend 5 minutes thinking about how to start the post
Put the tv on, background noise is good!
Find you’ve somehow spent the past half an hour watching tv
Start telling yourself how annoyed you are
Put your fingers on the keys
Take your fingers off the keys
Get up and make something to eat
Decide to do some cleaning but we’re definitely not avoiding blogging
Look at other blogs for inspiration
Get distracted and spend an hour reading other blogs
Go back to your blank page 
Tell yourself not to cry
Put your head in your hands and groan a little
Log onto Facebook
Declare today a no blogging day
Job Done!

Have you overcome writer’s block or do you have a tried and tested writer’s block cure? If you do.. Please share!

Suggestions Please…

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