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A Day In The Life Of Rua


As told by Rua…

I normally get up between 5am and 6am, this depends on when the little person gets up. They make me sleep in the kitchen as they say they don’t like my meowing very early in the morning and the fact I can open the living room door to go upstairs and wake them – show me a dog that can do that!

If I’ve had a late night I sometimes don’t want to get up so I stay in bed for another half hour or so, they call me lazy but I say I need sleep to look this good!

When I eventually get up I normally have some breakfast, usually meat and some biscuits. If it’s a Monday I get chicken, so Monday’s are my favourite! I can’t complain though my human’s try to alternate the flavours day to day so I don’t get fed up of eating the same thing day in and day out.


After breakfast I normally head out for a few hours, I don’t venture too far but like to spend a couple of hours outside in the morning. Sometimes I meet up with my friends, climb a few trees or just have a little wander to see what people are up to. My human’s tell me I shouldn’t climb tree’s because I might fall out.. 1 – I’m a cat! 2 – I have 9 lives (that’s true right?).


After a fun couple of hours outdoors I head back inside, have a snack or two, then head upstairs for a snooze. I try to find a comfortable spot that’s quite dark so sometimes sleep under the bed. Occasionally, I sleep on the bed as it’s pretty comfortable on there. I normally sleep until around 4pm or 5pm, I did tell you I liked my beauty sleep.


After waking I have something to eat and normally spend some time playing games. Some of my favourite games are, chasing feet, playing tag under the door, knocking things off of the sofa and playing fetch. Playing with the humans is a lot of fun.


After playing a few games I usually go outside where I sometimes bump into my friend again. She’s pretty nice, she scared off another cat that was trying to get me and we like to play chase in the garden. I don’t even mind when she comes inside and has some of my food. I love spending time outside when it’s nice and sunny, but if it’s raining then I really hate going out – I hate getting wet.

ruachewI usually spend most of the evening outside where I sometimes collect things for the humans and bring them home. I’ve brought back sticks, sponges, lots of elastic bands and even a teddy bear with no eyes, though they never seem very grateul. I’ll keep bringing things back though as I like to surprise them and who doesn’t like a surprise gift?!


I don’t really have a set bedtime, if my human is going to bed early then she will call me in around 10pm, sometimes I get to stay out until 1am if I’m really lucky. Occasionally, I don’t want to come in because I’m having too much fun, so when she shouts on me I walk towards the door then run off as fast as I can – it’s pretty funny!


When I’ve had enough of that game I come inside and have something to eat then climb into bed. My ‘bed’ is actually a beanbag which I claimed, it belongs to the little human but I sleep on it at night time and I don’t think he minds.

That’s an average day in my life, now I’m off to bed, got to catch that beauty sleep! Zzz

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