A Dazzling Provençal Journey with L’Occitane

There’s no getting away from it now, with December just over  a week away Christmas preparations are already in full swing, shops are full of Christmas gift ideas, decorations are beginning to make an appearance and even the TV adverts have turned festive.

Like a lot of people I don’t pay much attention to adverts most of the time, however, that usually changes in November and December. The adverts become festive and I actually look forward to seeing the Christmas adverts. I know it sounds strange, that for 300 odd days of the year I don’t take any notice but as soon as I hear a jingle or spot a festive bauble I love them!

Of course I have my favourites, this year I love the John Lewis advert, the coca cola ad (of course) and the L’Occitane advert (video below). The L’Occitane advert was inspired by this years Christmas gift range. I think it’s a lovely advert, it’s bright, beautiful and has a magical feel about it, it’s a really enjoyable advert to watch. I also really like their products which makes me sit up and take notice when I see their advert each Christmas.

Have you got a favourite Christmas advert this year?

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