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A Few Of My Summer Travel Favourites 2017

With summer quickly drawing to a close I thought I would share a few of my summer travel favourites of 2017. It has been quite a busy spring and summer with work, holidays and days out. I have loved finding new products over the last few months that have now become firm favourites and thought I would share them with you.

Calypso Once A Day SPF 30 

I can’t express how important it is to wear sun cream, especially during the summer months when the sun is strong. I learned this the hard way this summer, so take it from me that you’re always better to be safe than sorry. This summer I have been using the Calypso Once A Day SPF 30 sun lotion. I haven’t used this product before and was a little surprised at the consistency which was a clear gel like liquid, something I haven’t seen in a sun cream before. After getting used to the texture I found the product to be really good. It soaks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue which is always a plus. As well as being SPF 30, non-greasy the formula is also waterproof which makes it a good choice for swimming. I used it whilst at the beach and it was great. It also only has to be applied once a day to give all day coverage so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it which makes it easy and hassle free.

Multi Plug Travel Adapter

When I visited Disneyland Paris in May I knew I would need an international plug so we could charge phones, cameras and other electronic devices. It was invaluable on holiday with so many different devices between us, the adapter let us charge two items via the USB sockets and another item via the UK plug space. The fact we could charge so many devices at the same time was great because we were all able to use it and we didn’t have to wait around for items to charge one after another. The compact plug takes up little room, is well built and reasonably priced. The thing I like about the Multi Plug Travel Adapter is the fact it can be used in the UK, Europe, and the US so there’s no need to buy several different plugs which would not only take up more space but cost more.

Tablet Case

I have to admit I’m quite an accident prone person, that’s why I always make sure items I cherish such as my laptop, camera and tablet are protected in case of accidents. Whilst traveling this summer I have been taking my tablet with me to pass time on long journeys, it’s great for browsing the web, watching a movie and reading. At present, I have a standard case but I’m looking to replace it with a Filofax Tablet Case after seeing how good they look. I like the fact it has a pocket for a stylus/pen a notebook attached which is always handy for blog ideas etc and unlike my case now it can be used as a stand which is great for watching a movie. I also have a Filofax diary which I love and helps me stay organised and I know the quality of the products are good.

Body Glow by Skinny Tan

I haven’t tried many self-tans in the past and have usually opted for sunbeds in my younger years, but now I would much rather try a self-tan or two than risk my skin health. The great thing about Skinny Tan is the fact no matter how new you are to tanning you can use it and get amazing results. Body Glow is a moisturiser with tanning properties that will help give you a subtle and natural tan. I used it before my holiday to Paris and it was so easy to use, over a few days it built up a really nice tan that doesn’t fade with each wash. I loved the fact this is an easy introduction to self-tanning, you really can’t go wrong! I’m loving the fact I will be able to have a summer glow throughout the winter too.

Power Bank

With all of the gadgets and gizmos, having a power bank is a great investment if you don’t want your items running out of battery. My iPhone is particularly terrible for battery life and as a blogger, I like to update and blog whilst out and about so a dead phone is useless to me. I have been taking my power bank on days out and I also took it on holiday which meant I had a backup power source if need be.

Waterproof Poncho

Okay, I get this is a little random. But, it has saved me from many a rain storm over the summer. I took it to Disneyland, several theme parks and on other days out when the threat of rain was lingering. It was also great for wearing on the water rides at the theme parks.

I love finding new products, so if you have any suggestions of travel products you love let me know in the comments below.

*This post contains some PR samples but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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