A Guide to Planning the Ultimate Caribbean Getaway  

 Just envisage a trip to the Caribbean, walking barefoot through their infamous white sands, listening to the sea as it crashes onto the shore, almost seems like a distant dream doesn’t it? However, a getaway to the Caribbean doesn’t have to be only a thought, as this post is here to help you plan your trip away. The Caribbean is an extremely adaptable holiday location as, whilst it is home to a number of luxurious high-end resorts, there are also a lot of cheaper accommodation alternatives, perfect for someone looking for a cheaper break or for a backpacker.   

Choosing the Perfect Island 

When deciding which island to pick, three top tips to focus on would be to look at the cost, the experience you are looking for and the time of year you are travelling. A lot of Caribbean islands experience some form of hurricanes at various times during the year, it is therefore important to research weather seasons so that you are not disappointed when you are there. The humid and dry months from December to April are usually the peak months on the islands. At this time, it is normal for airfare and hotel prices to jump up by as much as 60 percent. Air travel isn’t cheap during the school holiday season, so for people who are travelling with families, May or late August could be the most reasonably priced period. 

Taking Care of the Budget  

Taking a cruise instead of a flight is a guaranteed way of maximising the tourism experience without having to come up with a multifaceted travel plan of inter-island voyages. The benefits include the plethora of sights one can see in a journey, and the chance to visit unique destinations. If the price is your main focus or if you are a backpacker, it is a good idea to research which islands are the cheapest before you go.  

Taking a Tour of Cuba  

The Caribbean island nation of Cuba is famous for its capital city of Havana which offers a buzzing culture and amazing spots to relax along the Caribbean shorelines. Cuba’s attractiveness, however, is not restricted to its capital. The stunning spirit of Cuba’s natural wealth can be reasonably valued in Las Terrazas, a massive biosphere reserve. Cuba has endless amounts to offer as holiday destination and must be explored. Not only does it have a rich, distinctive and stunning landscape, but it also offers up activities in diving, horse-riding and trekking… just to name a few.  

Visiting Barbuda in The Caribbean 

Two of the two chief islands of the Caribbean region are Antigua and Barbuda. Often described as fairyland on Earth by its fans, Barbuda, in particular, is famous for its secluded pink and white sandy seashores. The shoreline, covered by palm trees, houses roundabout 2000 native inhabitants who are friendly and very accommodative towards tourists. 

Experiencing the Charm of Dominican Republic 

Dominican Republic’s Silver Bank is known for offering visitors the chance to snorkel with humpback whales. December and April are perfect times to visit the Caribbean because that’s the time when these majestic creatures migrate through the areas of the sea which are off-limits for commercial ship travel. 

With these tips, you can be sure that you can plan for the trip of a lifetime.

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