SMIFFYS Halloween 2015

Smiffys Halloween Dismembered Latex Head

Spooky Witches cauldron

Are you in need of a Halloween costume or spooky props for the perfect Halloween party? Whether you’re looking for spooky or cute costumes, for adults or children you can find a huge range of products online at Smiffys. If you already have your costume sorted, Smiffys also has a truly fantastic range of Halloween props and accessories. I have a little bit of an obsession with all things Halloween and love browsing the items at Smiffys, there’s just so much to choose from. 

I love using props at Halloween and one prop I wouldn’t be without at Halloween is a witches cauldron, they just scream Halloween. The great thing about a cauldron is they can be used in so many different ways. You can fill them with sweets for the trick or treaters, fill it with a spooky drink, use it for dunking for apples or turn it into a truly spooky cauldron using a mist maker. I chose to give the cauldron an authentic look and added some water and a mist maker to give it a really spooky feel. The cauldron is a great size and comfortably holds around 7.5 litres. As you can see from the photos it looks authentic, makes a great Halloween prop and is priced very reasonably at £6.99.

Another item from Smiffys I’m absolutely loving is the Dismembered Latex Head. It sounds creepy right?! That’s because it is! This is one of the best Halloween props I have seen and is in my top 5 Halloween props I own. It’s one of those items that although you know it isn’t real it can still gross you out! It has the perfect creepy look to it and is great for hanging outside to scare trick or treaters or for hanging up at a Halloween party. The head is priced at £19.99 but is worth the price tag as it’s such a great item. Truly horrifying!

I used the cauldron and dismembered head in the corner of a room so the glow from the cauldron would be reflected on the wall and give it an eerie look. I think I managed to achieve a really scary feel, the products look great and I can’t wait to bring them back out again for Halloween year after year. 

What’s your favourite Halloween prop?

This post contains PR samples.

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