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A Modern Staircase For A Modern Home

The staircase is often an area of the home we overlook, but it shouldn’t be. It’s 2017 and modern staircases are creating a new love of that long forgotten area of our home. With a whole host of different options, there’s a staircase to suit every home and budget.

Glass staircase

If you want an elegant and sophisticated look to your home then a glass staircase would offer just that. A glass staircase can help give the illusion of light and also gives the appearance of floating stairs. Glass staircases can also be created with a glass bannister to make it a safe choice for homes with children. Modern staircases in the UK are becoming big business and it’s easy to see why when you see how a new staircase can change the look and feel of your home.

Spiral staircase

A spiral staircase is guaranteed to give your home the ‘wow factor’ and create a focal point that draws your eye for all the right reasons. Another reason to choose a spiral staircase is the fact they’re the perfect staircases for small houses because they can be made to fit small areas, ideal for small properties. You can buy a spiral staircase in wood or metal to suit your decor and they are available in a whole host of colours.

A spiral staircase is a great choice for adding style and personality to your home but there are a few other things to consider. If you have young children a spiral staircase might not be practical, if you have large items of furniture which wouldn’t fit up or down a spiral staircase this is another reason it might not be suitable. However, a home with older children and smaller furniture would be the perfect choice when it comes to a spiral staircase.

Mixed materials

Another way to give your home a new look is to mix and match materials. A wooden staircase with a metal hanging bannister looks amazing in a modern home. You could mix up the materials to suit the look and feel of your home no matter what that might be – shabby chic, retro or modern, there’s a staircase combination out there that would suit every home.

Revamp your existing staircase

If you don’t want to invest in a new staircase then you can revamp your old staircase on a budget. You could replace an old carpet with a modern stripey runner, revamp your bannister with a lick of paint or sand and varnish your stairs to give it a new look on a budget.

My dream staircase

At present, there isn’t much I can do to my staircase. It’s currently carpeted and the walls are a boring cream colour. I do plan to change the colour of the walls and spruce the stairway up with a few items, photos, small unit and a plant or two but if I had my dream staircase it would be drastically different. I would love to have floating wooden stairs with a waterfall metal bannister, I think it looks so modern and stylish.

What style of staircase would you love in your home?

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