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If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed I’m moving. This has been a long time coming and I’m really excited about it.

The house itself is lovely. It’s a new build property which means everything inside is new and it doesn’t need anything done to it in terms of updating. It’s also a blank canvas for me to decorate to my taste and I can’t wait to start making it feel like a home.

Since getting the keys things have been pretty hectic. Last weekend was spent laying laminate flooring in the living room and bedroom with my dad (thank you dad!). It took a good few hours, but was worth the work as it looks amazing. The last thing I need to do with regards to flooring is to choose a carpet for the hall, stairs and landing. The only thing that’s holding me back is I’m not sure what colour to go for. I have been to a few stores to look and as it stands I’m leaning towards a light greyish colour.

The only downside to moving is the fact I need to buy almost everything. Thankfully, I have been pretty lucky with the items I have bought so far. I bought a cooker and fridge freezer which I managed to save a lot of money on with a discount code. I also managed to pick up a brand new sofa for £150 down from £900. It’s a lovely light grey corner sofa and is exactly what I was after and although there was an error processing it and it caused a huge headache it will be worth it when it arrives.

I still have a lot of items to buy, from big items such as bedroom furniture and living room furniture, down to small items such as blinds, lights, ironing board etc. The hardest part is choosing a colour scheme. I don’t want to choose colours then decide 6 months down the line I don’t like them. I have spent a lot of time recently looking at blogs, Instagram and pinning like a crazy person to try and get a clear picture in my head. So far I’m liking wood and white furniture for the living room, with grey and copper accessories. For the bedroom I’m a little more undecided, I like the grey, soft pink and copper/rose gold look, but I can’t decide on furniture. I wanted a white desk for my blogging area but I’m not sure I want a white wardrobe etc so I need to make a decision on that soon or I’ll be living out of suitcases!

This weekend has been busy so far, today was spent buying curtains, curtain poles and blinds to put up tomorrow. Sunday will be spent moving the last pieces of furniture over, cleaning everywhere, and finding a place for everything. Luckily I have a garage which makes life a lot easier where storage is concerned. My family would say I’m a bit of a hoarder ha ha.

Having always lived with other people, it will take a little bit of adjusting moving on my own. However, I already have a little lodger in the form of my nephew Maxx who said “I’ll stay 7 days a week”, bless him. He’s super excited to have a sleepover though.

I’m excited to get in and start making it mine and I can’t wait to create a blogging area where I can hopefully focus and get down to some serious work.

If you like home posts, tips on moving and saving money then stick around as there will be much more of that in the future. If you want to see what items I’m loving why not follow me on Instagram and Pinterest where you can see how things are progressing.

If you have any colour suggestions for the bedroom do let me know below. I love looking at different themes and colours.

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