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Christmas for me is a time for family, I have always believed this and love it when we all get together during the festive season. Family for me means everyone, including pets. I have grown up with a range of animals, including dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, fish and a rabbit. They are all a part of the family and are treated much like a child at Christmas with presents, a nice dinner and lots of cuddles.

At present, I have one pet, my gorgeous cat named Rua. I love her to bits, even if she does bite my nose when I give her a kiss, chase my feet when I’m walking and eat the Christmas lights each year. She’s also so loving, funny and great company since it’s just Rua and I. Basically, I would be lost without her and this is why I will be spoiling her at Christmas.

Growing up our pets have always been included at Christmas. They have been dressed up in Christmas outfits (unless they objected), given a special dinner on the day and they also get a present. It’s just how it has always been and as an adult who has a pet of my own, I will be continuing to include Rua in everything Christmas.

On Christmas day this year I will be heading over to my dads to have dinner and enjoy the day, and I have been trying to decide whether to bring Rua over for the day as I feel bad leaving her in on her own. Yes, I know she doesn’t appreciate it’s Christmas day, but I do and I would feel bad, as if something was missing if she wasn’t there. I work from home and spend a lot of time with Rua, she curls up right next to me when I’m working, she sits in the bath and plays a game with the shower curtain when I’m in the bathroom. She’s just always there, and for this reason I’m just not sure it’s fair to have to put her in the cat carrier (which she doesn’t like) and then take her to my dads which might confuse her, I really don’t know yet but I will have to make a decision soon.

I can’t wait until I start winding down with work for Christmas, which will be happening very soon. I’m pretty sure Rua is excited about it too, it means I will be able to spend more time playing with her, and of course she has a lot of new ‘toys’ to play with which she thinks is great. I have shared some of the things Rua and I will be enjoying together over the Christmas season.

The Tree

I love decorating the Christmas tree, it never fails to make me feel festive and it makes a room look so much brighter and cheerier. I haven’t decorated the tree yet this year, I have had no spare time recently but I do plan on doing it this weekend and Rua loves ‘helping’. I get the tree out of the box and Rua will inspect the branches for me to make sure they are all there. Sometimes she even tests their durability and safety with a quick nibble. Well, we wouldn’t want a safety issue now would we. I love adding the lights and the baubles to the tree, and Rua loves knocking them all off. I think it’s her inner artist to be honest, she knocks them off so I have to put them back on. Perhaps it’s her way of saying they’re not in the right place.

Christmas Dinner

Whether Rua comes to my dads on Christmas day or not, she will still have a special Christmas dinner. I will either buy her a special pouch of cat food, or I will give her a little bit of chicken or lamb to enjoy (we’re not sure what we’re having yet). Everything in moderation!


I may not be the best at wrapping presents, but it’s a job I need to do regardless, and one that Rua loves helping with. Show me a cat who doesn’t love playing with ribbons. Present wrapping often ends in a spontaneous game of ribbon chasing which is always great fun. Talking of presents, Rua’s stocking is currently hung up waiting for Santa Paws to stop by this Christmas. Usually, Rua would get a cat stocking and a few toys and treats for Christmas. This year I’m thinking about getting her a radiator bed because she loves snuggling up on my fluffy blanket and I think she would love the warmth from the radiator. But she’ll have to wait and see what Santa Paws brings!

Playing Games

I will be winding down my work over the next few days, and that means I will have more time on my hands to enjoy the festivities and get a few jobs done around the house. This also means I will have a lot more time to spend playing with Rua. She loves playing games, her favourites being chasing hair bobbles if you ping them, attacking her little mouse, and hiding behind doors then jumping out to scare me (yes really). She also loves being brushed and will roll on her back so I can rub her belly, it’s super cute.

So, that’s basically what we will be getting up to this Christmas. I love getting Rua involved in the festive season, even if it’s just a few presents, a nice dinner and spending more time with her. Although I can’t ask her, I’m pretty sure she loves it too.

Merry Christmas from Rua and I.

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  • Reply
    Sue McCarthy
    December 25, 2016 at 11:13 am

    My cats wouldn’t wear a hat! My big girl is currently tearing up n down the hallway playing with her xmas pudding cat nip toy, it’s very soggy & already has a hole in it!

  • Reply
    A S,Edinburgh
    December 25, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    What a beautiful article! Rua sounds lovely. Christmas decorating is always more fun with a cat around to help.

  • Reply
    Polly Rogers
    December 27, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    Your cat is gorgeous!

  • Reply
    karen mcmillan
    December 29, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Love the cat in the hat 😀

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