Talking to a friend the other day got me thinking about all of the things I loved growing up. I grew up in the 90’s and personally I think it was great being a kid in the 90’s. I spent most of our time outdoors, there were some great TV shows, computers, the internet and mobile phones were becoming accessible and life was less expensive. Okay, there were a lot a few fashion disasters, but other than that it was great. I thought it would make an interesting post to talk about all of the things I used to do and love growing up and see who can relate.

TV Shows

There’s one show I remember watching time and time again and that was Two Of A Kind which featured the Olsen twins. They were always getting up to mischief and going on adventures, I must have watched every episode at least 10 times growing up and never got bored. My sisters and I also had a lot of their films. A couple of other shows I used to enjoy were The Amanda show, Saved By The Bell, The Queens Nose, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Home Farm Twins, CatDog. That’s just a small selection of the shows I used to watch as a child, some are no longer showing but some have made a come back such as Tracey Beaker. And just so we are clear, I definitely do not love watching it when  I’m babysitting my nephew, nope, most definitely not!

Favourite Sweets

This is a tough one. I would have to say my favourite sweets were the pick and mix ones. I used to love the 1p kind as it felt like you had a never ending supply after spending just £1!

Favourite Past-time

Most of my time was spent outdoors growing up. As children my sibling, friends and I would all regularly play rounds, skipping games, clapping games, we also loved building dens in the park at the back of our houses. It was nice growing up in a small community where everyone knew everyone and it felt safe. There was also a lot of green space at the back of my house which was on a hill, it made the most amazing sledging ramp when it snowed.

Worst Fashion Disaster

My worst fashion disaster has to be the Kappa popper trousers, cringe!  They were all the rage then, everyone had a pair and felt a million dollars wearing them. They were, in fact the worst invention ever. Everyone would run around un-popping the poppers and it took forever to do them up again. Looking back it makes me laugh and cringe at things I used to wear, how times change and thank god fashion has improved too. Although I do wonder if I will be talking about clothes now in the same way in another 15 years.

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