I gave up smoking around 4 years ago now and I’m so glad I did. I have saved money by giving up, and most importantly my health has benefited. I was lucky that I hadn’t been smoking for a long period of time before I decided to quit, which I think made it easier. I went cold turkey and managed relatively easily once I had made the decision, but for people who have been smoking for a long time it can be incredibly difficult to give up and a helping hand might be needed.

Something I would have tried if I had struggled to give up is e-cigarettes. Since coming into the public domain a few years ago they have helped thousands of people quit smoking. In fact, a recent research paper from The Lancet showed that e-cigarettes were as effective as nicotine patches. There are also several benefits to switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes including health benefits – Public Health England released a report stating e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than tobacco. As well as the health benefits e-cigs will save you money and can help you quit smoking. I have put together a list of advice and tips below which you might find helpful if you want to give up smoking.

  • Get rid of any reminders, this includes lighters, ashtrays, cigarettes and all other smoking paraphernalia in your home.
  • Write a list of reasons to give up smoking and look at it when your having cravings.
  • Consider switching to vaping. E-cigarettes have proven to be a useful aid for helping people quit smoking.
  • Tell everyone you’re going to stop smoking, this way they can support you and encourage you along the way. A little support can go a long way when you’re having a bad day.
  • Keep a jar with the money you have save from quitting inside. Seeing the jar fill up should provide you with motivation to keep going, especially if the money is for something you really want, such as a holiday.
  • Download a quit smoking app. This is something I did when I quit smoking and I found it really useful to see how many hours, days and weeks I had quit for. It also estimated how much money I had saved and that was a big incentive to carry on.
  • Ask for help if you need it. Don’t feel like you have to go it alone, there’s a lot of help out there to quit smoking, your GP is a good place to start if you need some extra help or advice.

You can find more information and helpful tips to quit smoking on the NHS website. If you’re considering using e-cigarettes to help you give up smoking there’s a great program from BBC Horizon where you can hear the latest e-cigarette scientific research.

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