Raspberries are delicious eaten on their own or used in a yummy pavlova or cake. But did you know that they are also super healthy? There are loads of health benefits that come with eating lots of raspberries. Here are some of the main ones.

Dense In Nutrients

Even though they may only be small, raspberries are extremely dense in nutrients. These little red berries contain many antioxidants. As well as key nutrients including zinc, potassium, and magnesium. Each raspberry is packed full of fiber, leaving little room for sugars. Are you not a fan of the flavor of raspberries?  Well, you can still enjoy all the benefits of taking a raspberry supplement, such as Super Ketone Plus.

Improves Immunity

Raspberries contain high levels of vitamin C. The body needs this to help it stay healthy and have a good immune system. So the more vitamin C our body has, the better equipt it is to fight against colds, the flu, and fevers. We also need a good immune system to be able to fight other diseases and illnesses. So if you want to stay fighting fit, make sure you include plenty of raspberries into your diet!

Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

It’s not just your immune system that will improve when you eat raspberries. Your eye health will as well! All of the antioxidants found in raspberries keep the retina healthy as they prevent any oxidative stress from occurring. This reduces the risks of cataracts and other age-related eye diseases. The combination of vitamins in the berries also helps to reduce a pannus from forming on the eye. A pannus is a granulation layer that sometimes forms on the cornea.



Raspberries can also control diabetes. The berries’ low sugar and high fiber content makes them a great snack for diabetes sufferers. But that isn’t the only way they help to manage and control the disease. Tiliroside and rheosmin are two nutrients found in the berries. These can both help the body to control its blood sugar levels. By managing the blood sugar, it is possible to reduce the risk and control diabetes and obesity.

Cardiovascular Health

Raspberries have an anticoagulant property that makes them a great aid in blood thinning. Some people experience excessive clotting or fluctuating blood pressure. They may be advised to eat more raspberries. Once the blood is flowing at an optimum rate, it will be much easier to regulate the heartbeat and promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

Women’s Health Issues

Many women eat raspberries to relieve the pain of menstruation. They can also help to reduce the flow of blood. Not only that, though, but they are also thought to keep the pain of childbirth down to a minimum. Many new mothers also eat raspberries as they can improve the flow of milk during lactation. Women shouldn’t just eat the berries, though. The raspberry leaf is also very beneficial when it comes to women’s health.

Go on; you can have that other slice of raspberry pavlova. It’s good for you!

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