Amazing Kitchen Arts and Crafts for Your Family


Arts and crafts make sound silly to a lot of people, but there’s no doubt that it makes for an amazing activity for parents to do with their children.

One of the best things about arts and crafts is that fact that it can create genuinely useful items from really fun materials. Today, we’re going to take a look at some kitchen-oriented arts and crafts. These are items that you can craft that won’t end up gathering dust in a closet somewhere. They can be put to frequent use, fostering a sense of creative pride! Here are some cool project ideas.


Personalized aprons

Sure, you could probably find a website that will print off personalized aprons for you. But it’s actually a lot easier to make these yourself than you might think! If you have some iron-on transfer sheets, then it’s actually remarkably easy. You can put your own photos or artworks onto these transfer sheets then iron them onto the apron. The only problem is that the apron might get messy in the near future!

Custom Magnets

People make custom magnets out of so many things. Bottlecaps are a popular decoration. If you have any jewellery then you don’t wear anymore, you could use those too! Hot melt glue guns are fantastic tools for most arts and crafts projects, and you’ll certainly find one very useful when making your own magnets. Affix what you like to magnetic material and you have yourself a custom magnet for your fridge!


CD bowls

No, not a bowl for CDs. A bowl made out of CDs! (I’ll admit that that actually probably sounds a lot weirder than a bowl for CDs.) This involves heating up unwanted CDs so that you can mould them into your desired shape. An adult should deal with the heated elements of this craft. Once it’s done, kids can customize the bowls as they want. This is actually easier than it sounds, and is one way to confound your guests with some really unique crockery!


Stenciled mugs

We all have our favourite mugs, right? If you really want a mug that will feel unique, then you should look into making your own mugs with paints, Sharpies, and even glitter! Getting some plain, basic mugs isn’t expensive at all, so you could buy a few in case something goes wrong! Stencils are one of the best tools when it comes to DIY mug crafts. The key to making the art stick is to bake the mug in the oven for thirty minutes!


DIY tea towels

Got some cool leftover fabric? Are your kids interesting in sewing? Then you could start making your own amazing tea towels. The more absorbent the material, the better. But most fabrics should do, because tea towels aren’t there to soak up a lot of water in the way other towels are! Like the aprons, this is another craft that risks the possibility of staining in the near future. Still, just because they’re DIY, it doesn’t mean you can’t throw them in the wash with all your other materials!

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