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An Update on my Home Makeover Progress for 2018

Where has the year gone? We’re now in December and it feels like just yesterday I was writing my making my house a home in 2018 post where I spoke about my plans to decorate and update my home in 2018. If I’m honest, I haven’t done half as much as I thought I would or would have liked to but life has a way of being busy and time has a habit of getting away from me.

So what did I actually achieve? It doesn’t feel like I achieved much at all but I have made progress and that’s the main thing. I painted my hall stairs and landing a lovely grey colour which was a tough job due to the high ceilings but unfortunately, after I had finished painting the area it became apparent that the paint didn’t look the same colour in my small and dark hallway. It looked more of a purple colour on the walls and this wasn’t what I wanted at all so I made the decision to repaint them white. I have done the first coat but it needs a second coat, this will probably be done in 2019, then I will decide if I’m going to keep it white or if I will paint it a different colour. This time I will be buying tester pots so I can see the colour before I paint the whole area.

The living room hasn’t had any changes really but I do now know what TV unit I want and have an idea of colour schemes which has actually changed slightly since the start of the year. This is my main problem, indecision and my reluctance to do anything in case I then change my mind but I’m going to move forward with my plans and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

My plans for 2019, firstly, is to be more realistic! Clearly, my plans for 2018 were slightly ambitious so for 2019 I would like to decorate my living room and kitchen, that will be my top priority because it’s the room I spend most of my time in. I would like to paint the walls in the living room and have one feature wall, I would also like to replace my TV unit and swap my current sofa and chair for a corner sofa. With regards to the kitchen, I would like to wallpaper one wall where my dining room table sits and paint the wall where the kitchen units are. I would also like to replace the light fittings in both rooms to something a little more modern.

With the January sales fast approaching, I have been writing a list of things I want to buy and which might be on offer in the sales – you can’t beat a good bargain. I need to buy wallpaper, paint, wallpaper paste, new paintbrushes, a pasting table and a few other tools to help me through the decorating process. I have found a few of the items I will need over at Milford Building Supplies and the rest I will be looking for over the coming weeks.

I’m really looking forward to getting started (again) on decorating in the new year once the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period is over. I’m most looking forward to having a living room that is decorated to my taste rather than as it is at the moment which is plain and lacking in personality.

Did you achieve your home makeover plans for 2018? Or do you have any plans for 2019

*This is a collaborative post.

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