Another Year Older…

My birthday has just been and gone. Yes I’m 21 again before you ask!
December and January are busy months in our family. There’s Christmas, then my birthday on the 28th of December, my sister Lauren’s birthday on the 6th of January and Maxx’s Birthday on the 13th of January.
I wasn’t planning on doing anything for my birthday as I’ve been feeling really tired lately. I’m not sure if that’s the late nights or the fact I have low iron. My sister is also in hospital at the moment with an ongoing stomach problem.
However a few days before my birthday my dad phoned and asked what I would like to do for my birthday. I’m a huge animal lover and decided a trip to Longleat Safari park would be great as we have never been there. I’m glad we went as it was fantastic.
We were late in leaving the house sadly as unbeknown to me we had a gas safety check, which didn’t go so well but that’s another story.
We arrived at Longleat and were given a CD to listen to as we drove around I thought this was a great touch. There is an area at the start of the safari park where you can get out of the car to see the giraffes and walk through the lemur and wallaby enclosures. Let me tell you those Lemurs are very cheeky, Maxx wasn’t so sure of them getting so close though!
The safari park is a lot bigger than I imagined and it was amazing. I would love to go back again in the summer when the weather is warmer and the animals are a bit more active. There were also a few things we didn’t have time to see so it would be great to go back and see those.
I had a fantastic birthday spending it with the family and although I’m another year older that’s okay as each year that goes by means I’ve had another wonderful year with my family.
I will be blogging about our trip to Longleat soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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    Jo Glasspool
    April 29, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    That sound lovely. I did a guantlet birds of pray experience. It was fantastic and highly recommend it.

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