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I have recently teamed up with Mobility Nationwide to talk about their fantastic #AchievementForAll campaign. If you haven’t heard of Mobility Nationwide, they are one of the largest stockists of wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK. Inspired by the UK’s success in the Rio Paralympics last year, the Achievement For All campaign aims to highlight that we can all achieve our goals, regardless of ability. It’s a lovely campaign that carries a really powerful message.

In life, we all have our own struggles to overcome. Of course, some struggles are harder to overcome than others but overcoming our struggles to achieve our goals is a huge achievement. I have a lot of goals I would love to achieve over the next 5 years. A few of my goals have seemed out of reach for the last couple of years due to anxiety, but this is something I’m working on and I’m determined to overcome the anxieties that hold me back from achieving my goals.

I thought I would share with you 3 of the goals I have set myself to try and achieve in the next couple of years. They aren’t in any particular order but are all equally important to me to achieve.

Write a book

I have wanted to write a children’s story book for the last few years now, however, I have always doubted my ability to do this. I have a lot of ideas for books and I’m sure I could find the time, but there’s a voice in the back of my head that tells me it won’t be good enough. I know this is simply a case of self-doubt and I’m determined to work towards making this dream a reality. Having a book published is the ultimate dream and if I do write a book I would definitely pursue having it published if it was good enough.

Start vlogging

Blogging and vlogging go hand in hand nowadays. Many bloggers also vlog, whether it’s a daily, weekly or special occasion vlogs it’s something I would like to venture into in the near future. One of the reasons I haven’t started vlogging already is confidence, I also wonder if I will be able to come up with enough interesting content. Vlogging feels like a natural progression from blogging and although I’m a little apprehensive about it, I’m also looking forward to trying something new. And nerves are perfectly normal when trying something new.

Learn to drive

This has been on my to-do list for the last few years. I started learning to drive at age 19 but after moving to Scotland I never took it back up again. This is one goal I really want to achieve because it would give me a lot more freedom and make life easier – no more relying on buses. I have family dotted about the country and would love the ability to be able to jump in a car and visit them for the day rather than relying on my sister to drive me.

Now I have an understanding of the things that are holding me back I feel like I can work at overcoming those obstacles and achieving my goals. I really believe nothing is impossible and with a bit of planning, hard work and help where needed we can achieve our goals. The saying “You will never know unless you try” really rings true here. Setting out and trying to achieve your goals when they seem out of reach can be daunting but

I would love to know what your top 3 goals you would like to achieve are?

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