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April Fools Day with Gross Magic from Drumond Park


Happy April Fools Day Everyone! Have you played a trick on anyone yet or has anyone caught you out with a trick?

We have been celebrating April Fools day this year with Gross Magic from Drumond Park. Maxx was sent the Gross Magic set to review a couple of months ago and has been practicing ever since. He is now very much a little magician in the making having mastered some of the gross tricks that still turn my stomach!

 DSC_0263  DSC_0266  DSC_0250

Gross Magic is the UK’s number 1 magic set and it’s easy to see why. The magic set is full of disgusting props that kids are sure to love but that will make everyone else squirm. There’s a toilet full of poo, some horrible creepy crawlies, snot, slime and other equally disgusting items. Maxx’s favourite trick is the dirty to clean toilet, what little boy doesn’t think toilets and poo are funny – he thinks it’s hilarious!

The instruction booklet included with the set contains over 40 tricks! Plenty to keep little and big kids entertained during the holidays or on those rainy days.

You can see some of Maxx’s favorite magic tricks from the Gross Magic set in the video below. You will be able to see just how much he loves the set and performing the tricks from the amount of laughter and fun in the video. It’s a fantastic magic set and with a little help younger children will be able to have hours of fun too.

I would highly recommend the Gross Magic set for children who like magic, they’ll have hours of fun learning tricks and putting on shows for everyone. The set is aimed at children aged 8+ however Maxx has managed to master several of the tricks. I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly he has picked up the tricks and the fact that he has adapted some of the harder tricks so he can still use the items but in a different way.

The Gross Magic set has an rpp of £19.99 and is available to buy from most major toy shop and supermarkets. To see the full range of games Drumond Park has to offer and to check stockist, please visit www.drumondpark.com.

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