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Are Stained Glass Windows Only for Churches?

Blue and red stained glass window

Churches are renowned for their beautiful stained glass windows. When churches were built, they were often seen as a place to learn, but not many people could actually read. The stained glass windows were installed to depict intricate bible scenes to help relay the Christian faith to people who couldn’t read the bible themselves.  

Stained glass windows weren’t only used in churches for learning purposes; they were also installed for obvious decorative purposes and improved upon what would otherwise feel like quite a dark and dingy building. 

However, in recent years, interior designers have been exploring the concept of stained glass windows in homes. As well as providing an element of undeniable beauty, there are also lots of practical benefits to installing a stained glass window in your home, such as concealing an unappealing view or improving on privacy. Once installed, a stained glass window can completely transform a room and add character to a modern building which might otherwise feel fairly featureless. 

Many people opt to have stained glass installed into the panels of their front door, but it also looks great in other parts of the home. All you have to do is put your imagination to work and introduce a creative spark, and you’ll end up with something truly spectacular. For example, stained glass might look nice as a replacement for frosted glass in your bathroom, or you could use it to make a statement in your living or dining room. You’ll probably be able to design your own window, which will inject your personality into the property; something that every homeowner strives for.  

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