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Are Wooden Prefab Garages The New Trend?

Everyone needs a garage these days. They help keep cars, garden equipment and other outdoor items covered and protected which is especially important if you live in a rural location or an area that can experience heavy snowfall during the winter months.  In summer the heat can cause damage to a cars paint job, and then there’s the rain in the autumn and spring. That doesn’t even take into account the dangers of street parking, such as accidental collisions and theft.

Then there is storage to consider. Having a garage is the perfect way to put away tools and garden equipment, and odds and ends that won’t go anywhere else. So why don’t more people have them? Usually the cost of constructing one, which can be considerable. That is why you need a wooden prefab garage like https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/wooden-garages-aluminum-carports.html.

What Makes Wooden Prefab Garages Different From The Standard Metal Variety? 

These garages are known for their cost efficiency and convenience. Already made by the manufacturer, you just have them delivered on a trailer and set up anywhere you have space. They can be placed at the end of a driveway, or put into a garden as a shed, or to hold smaller vehicles like motorbikes or ATVs.

Unlike metal, they are attractive features that add to the ambience of a home. The materials blend in with a garden and are simple to paint. They don’t make the same loud noises as metal when hit with rain or the wind.

Environmentally there are also factors in their favour. Wood is a natural material, which is biodegradable over time. The chemicals used to treat it are more eco-friendly than in the past.

Are These Style Of Garages Hard To Maintain? 

They do take more work than metal garages, but less than you would think. Every three to five years you will want to retreat the wood with a new stain and sealant, in order to repel water. Every year you will also want to do some simple pest control measures, such as spraying for termites or other vermin that could cause an infestation.

Otherwise, as long as you keep it clean there shouldn’t be any trouble. If a major repair is needed they are easier to fix or replace segments than metal garages, as you are dealing with lumber instead of sheet metal.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Wooden Prefab Garage?

The cost depends on the size, the wood used, and the company where you buy it from. You can choose between one, two, or more car garages, and even find some that have additions that can be placed, such as upstairs rooms that increase the space provided.

Would you consider a prefab garage?

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    Arabella Bazley
    July 27, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Ooooh! I love them, but the problem is they look like enormous sheds and I am sure I would be temped to fill them with everything but the car . I bet you could fit a sauna in too 😉

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