Are you prepared? You should be…

It’s amazing how unprepared we are. Thinking It’s not going to happen to us so why prepare?
Well we didn’t prepare and it happened! Oops.
Today we had a power cut, the joy. I remember having power cuts as a child, they were fun and exciting, now they are just a pain in the bum. Especially when it happens at night and you realise you don’t own a torch or candles, your phone is nearly dead and you can’t see a thing.
When the power went out the first thing we did was look outside the front door to check to see if everyone else’s power was out, surprisingly both our neighbours lights were on which left us rather perplexed. We decided maybe we had tripped the switch so we opened the cupboard under the stairs but the switches were all fine. By now we were rather bemused as to what could be the cause when the mobile rang. It was my sister Lauren who lives two streets away telling us that her power was out too! She told us that the electricity board were aware of the problem and that they should have an engineer out within an hour.
After around half an hour of darkness I decided there must be a torch or candle somewhere in the house so I went to hunt them out. Luckily I found a push torch in Maxx’s stocking. It is really good and the light lasted a long time after I charged it a few times.
Having a power cut made me realise how much technology I use and how much I would miss it if it was gone. I didn’t know what to do with myself whilst I was waiting for them to fix the problem. After a while I took Maxx’s torch and hung the washing up that had just been washed and then sat down and started reading the kobo with the torch.
The power cut only lasted for around an hour and a half but it felt like a life time. The next time I am in town I am going to invest in a torch and some spare batteries as you never know when it might come in handy!

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