Are you ready to go Bare Foot this Summer?


I’m not one for wearing socks.. or shoes for that matter. When I’m indoors or even when I’m venturing into the garden I can usually be found without socks or shoes on. I find that socks and shoes are quite restrictive,  I also have a funny habit of crossing my toes (strange I know) and I can’t do that if I have socks or shoes on. As I write this I have my toes crossed ha ha.

Over the last couple of weeks you have probably noticed all of the gorgeous sandals and wedges popping up in the shops. It’s almost sandal season -woohoo! With that in mind it’s time to spruce up our feet and get them ready for those gorgeous sandals.

Walking round with bare feet does have it’s drawbacks, of course I occasionally stand on the odd stone which hurts (a lot) but I also end up with rough, dry skin – boo.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying a new product from Freeman which claims to energise your feet while exfoliating rough, dry patches on the soles and heels – exactly what I needed. The range is called Bare Foot and consists of 6 products, there are foot creams, soaks, scrubs and balms which can help get your feet summer ready in no time at all and there’s a product to suit everyone whether you prefer a cream or a scrub. They are even available in different scents.

The product I have been using is the Lemon + Sage Foot Scrub which smells lovely and fresh, you can really smell the lemon and Tea Tree Oil. So the big question is, did it do what it claims? Yes, I would say it did. After using the scrub for a little over two weeks I have seen an improvement in the condition of my feet, they are definitely softer and not as dry as they were as I have been moisturising them after using the scrub. The scrub really is refreshing and energising too, if my feet could talk I’m pretty sure they’d be screaming THANK YOU! After all they do carry me around for 14+ hours a day and don’t get any attention or even a thank you!

Here’s a little tip: If you keep it in the fridge it’s really refreshing on a hot day and will help cool and soothe your feet, I also keep my moisturiser in there.

The Bare Foot Scrub is priced at £4.25 which is about the price you would expect to pay for a foot scrub but the great thing about Bare Foot is it does what it claims unlike so many of it’s competitors.

Bare Foot products are available exclusively from Superdrug stores nationwide.


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