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I was recently invited to review a hard drive for Tesco Compare home insurance and I jumped at the chance. I have been close to buying a hard drive on several occasions over the last year or so but always put it off. I always thought my photographs, videos and documents were safe on my laptop. Recently however I was brought crashing back to reality.

Last year there was a problem with the laptop where all of my files were stored, in total there was 4 years worth of photographs and videos on it. All of my nephews photographs and videos from his birth until now were on there so when it needed repairing I gave it to a friend who offered to fix it. When I told him how many photographs and files were on it he asked if I had a hard drive to store them on, which I didn’t. In the end he said he would store them on his hard drive until it was fixed so I breathed a sigh of relief and forgot about it.

Due to other commitments it took around a couple of months for him to start the repairs and when it came to putting the photographs and files back on to the laptop he couldn’t find them. He called to say he couldn’t find the files and myself and my sister (my nephews mum) were devastated as there were cherished images and videos on there that we could never replace. For the next hour or so my sister and I were in shock and couldn’t believe that 4 years worth of photos were gone just like that, we were really upset and annoyed with the fact we hadn’t stored them ourselves like we should have. A couple of hours after the original phone call the friend phoned back to say he had found the files on another hard drive and that he had saved it under a different name so had overlooked it the first time. We were absolutely thrilled but it really brought home how easy it is to lose things that are so precious and that can never be replaced.

Since that incident I borrowed my dads hard drive and put all of those files on there for safe keeping but thanks to Tesco I now have my own hard drive where I can store the files safely and I am so grateful. Until you lose something you don’t know just how much it means to you.

I love taking photographs there’s no denying that, when on family days out or at events I can always been found with a camera round my neck or my phone in my hand. My love for photography has grown hugely since I got my SLR camera for my birthday at the start of the year.

As a blogger I take a lot of photographs to feature on my blog whether it be photos of people, places or products. Some I take on my phone and some on my camera but they all end up stored on my laptops hard drive so are vulnerable if something was to go wrong with my laptop.

When the hard drive arrived I was really excited (yes it’s true, I was!) to transfer my files over so I could relax knowing they are safe and also to free up some space on my laptops hard drive.

The hard drive is a Seagate 2TB hard drive, it is capable of holding up to 400,000 photographs. It’s very easy to use and requires no software installation, simply connect the cable to the hard drive and to your computer – simple! You can start copying files from your internal hard drive to the external hard drive straight away by copying and pasting or using the drag and drop feature which makes the hard drive very easy to use. The hard drive looks smart and is compact so it is easy to store away or keep handy on your computer table as it doesn’t take up much space.

I transferred over 17 thousand files from my laptop to the hard drive (mainly photographs) which is just under a years worth… I told you I love taking photographs. I found the process very easy and stress free. I took the hard drive out of the box, plugged the cable into the hard drive and laptop then selected all of the files and dragged them to the hard drive and that was it. It couldn’t have been simpler. The files transferred quickly to my hard drive and I can now relax knowing my file are safe and my laptop is now running a lot faster too.

If you’re a blogger or have a passion for photography I would highly recommend investing in a hard drive, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your cherished photographs and videos are safe.


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