Attack Of The Killer Pumpkin – Pumpkin Carving Fun & Tips

Are you looking for some fun and creative pumpkin carving ideas? There are a lot of free pumpkin carving templates available on the internet so if you don’t want to come up with your own idea find a template you love, print it out and you’re set for some fun pumpkin carving!

Last year I decided I wanted to do something a little different from the traditional pumpkin so I had a look online to find some ideas I liked. I came across a really fun and inventive idea. A killer pumpkin! As you can see you don’t want to get too close or you might lose a leg!

killer pumpkin2

Although you might think the pumpkin looks complicated and time consuming it really wasn’t. The first thing we did was to hollow out the pumpkin and carve a scary face into it as you normally would. I knew I would need a bigger mouth than normal to accommodate the fake leg so I made the mouth opening a little bigger.

To make the false leg we stuffed a sock with some newspaper and put it inside the shoe, we then used some bubble wrap rolled up to create the shape of a leg. I found an old pair of jeans and cut one of the legs off then slipped the leg and trainer/sock into the jeans leg and placed the end into the pumpkins mouth to give the illusion that the pumpkin attacked someone. I added some tomato ketchup to represent some blood and smeared some on the end of the leg that went into the pumpkin, I also put some on the ground to add to the effect. Looking back I would use the golden syrup and food colouring fake blood as it looks more realistic but I still think it came out really well.

Here are some pumpkin carving tips that I hope you might find useful:

  • Choose your pumpkin wisely. Try shopping for your pumpkin after you have your idea thought out so you know roughly what shape and size would be best.
  • If you’re pumpkin carving indoors put down a messy mat or bin liner, it can get very messy.
  • Draw your idea onto your pumpkin with a washable pen before carving your pumpkin. Make sure the pen wipes off easily on a hidden part of the pumpkin before drawing the whole idea.
  • When cutting the pumpkin lid angle the knife slightly, do not cut straight down all the way around of the lid will fall into the pumpkin.
  • Use the right size candle, a candle too big or high could burn the pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving is all about being creative so try something different. It’s good to be different!
Halloween Feature 2013

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