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As the weather gets colder and the nights start drawing in, there is no better place than home! With the new autumn/winter clothes coming into shops, comes lots of cosy homeware too. There are plenty of ways to give your home a new look for the new season, WeBuyAnyHouse have some tips to show that it isn’t just your clothes that change with the seasons!


Cosy up!

When the temperature drops it’s easy to reach for the thermostat and turn up the heat but there are cheaper (and more stylish!) ways to keep warm. Add some colour to a room with a brightly patterned throw or, for something more understated, pick a snug knitted one that adds a little luxury to your living room. A brand new thick rug can change a room in an instant or for a smaller touch, big fluffy cushions can also transform a sofa and keep it looking fresh and comfortable.

Another way to add a touch of warmth to a room is with candles. A pack of tea lights or wax melts will just set you back a couple of pounds and the soft glow will add some light to the dark, long nights. If you have a bigger budget then shop around for a high end candle – at this time of year you can get some fantastic seasonal scents.

Textures and layers

When shopping for your little touches, have a think about fabrics. Using a variety of different textures will add lots of layers to your furnishings. Try knitted cushions for a homely feel and mix them with perhaps a cosy faux fur throw. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures within a room such as wood, metal, leather, faux fur – the outcome will be unique to your home.

A big trend for both fashion and furnishings in 2016 is velvet. If you are looking for a statement piece then a velvet armchair in a rich colour would be perfect for autumn and winter.

Embrace the holidays

While the end of the year might not be full of BBQs and trips to the beach, there is plenty to celebrate during the wintery months. With Halloween just around the corner, the shops are full of fun ways to add some scary personality to your home. From giant spiders that light up your front garden to more subtle lanterns – there is something for everyone. Even supermarkets have a great selection of halloween decorations, which leaves more time to plan your costume!

Its also not too early to start thinking of your christmas decorations. Sites like Pinterest have lots of fantastic festive inspiration so you can plan your tree in advance. Lots of shops set up their christmas aisles in September for you to have a browse and get some ideas. It won’t be long before the tinsel and stockings come out!

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