Avoiding Disasters With Your Household Furniture – Without Becoming Obsessive

We’ve all been to the home of someone who has wonderful, expensive furniture. You know what it is like, don’t you? The sofa that looks and feels like it was put together by cartoon birds and woodland animals. Soft to the touch, pristine condition and more comfortable than you could imagine. And along with being comfortable, it feels expensive. It feels like you’d almost be scared to sit on it for fear of damaging it.

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Having quality furniture is nice, of course. Having children and pets is also rather pleasant. For some people, the idea that you can have both is a pipe dream. As much as you warn, ask nicely and put covers over the furniture, there’s always the worry. Spills, people and pets climbing over the furniture, and even extremes in temperature can be damaging. The sofa you paid so much for can end up looking tattered.

It is worth considering, then, how you can avoid some of the nightmares that occur with kids, pets and furniture. Ways of doing so include:

Dark Colors

Since time immemorial, people buying clothes, carpets and more have looked at pristine white or floral pieces and wanted them. More and more, experience has taught us that there is a drawback to these pieces that are so beautiful. White, and light colors, are horrible to keep clean. If you have children, a juice box means a ten-yard exclusion zone around all furniture. If you have pets? Forget about it.

If your home is a thriving hive of activity, it’s probably for the best that you look at dark colored furniture. Dark Navy blues and rich browns will look smart and refined, and they also hide a multitude of sins. You don’t then have to wince every time your dog so much as looks at it.

Hard-Wearing Materials

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When furniture is used, it is going to face stresses and treatment that will put it at risk of getting damaged. You may covet the ornate dining chairs you’ve seen in the furniture store. You may plan to spend big money on them. But if they’re going to be used every day by kids, they’re going to be tough to keep clean. On the other hand, Rattan Dining Furniture or another hard-wearing material will stay looking good for much longer.


It’s natural to want to protect a valuable piece of furniture. You’ve spent a lot on it because it looks wonderful, and you do not want it to sustain any damage. For this reason a lot of people leave the protective plastic covering on the furniture after buying it. But this seems to defeat the purpose of the craftsmanship that went in to making it. If you want to protect your furniture then placing a protective throw over it – which can then be removed and washed – is better.

Good furniture is expensive, and when you’ve paid that much for it you expect it to last and remain comfortable. To make sure that this happens, treat it with care. But realize at the same time that it is not going to be possible to keep it away from people and animals. It can’t be treated like a holy relic if it’s in a living home.

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