When it comes to looking good and feeling good, there are some beauty blunders that you want to avoid. The problem is that the line that separates good taste from bad when it comes to beauty is somewhat blurred, meaning that sometimes we fall foul to embarrassing beauty blunders without meaning too.

We’ve all had those Bridget Jones moments where we’ve turned up to a party with mad hair and clown-like makeup – from time to time it happens. However, if you’re aware of what the worst beauty blunders to make are, such as applying your makeup in the dark in the back of a moving cab, you can take steps to prevent yourself from falling foul to them. Or, at least, to some of them anyway. The question is, what are the beauty blunders to avoid at all costs? Let’s find out.

Failing to blend your makeup

Makeup, for the most part, is about creating the illusion of perfect skin and features, so when you fail to blend your makeup, you ruin the flawless look. The worst products for bad blending are foundation and bronzer – these are the two products that tend to leave the most obvious lines. The key to preventing harsh lines is learning how to blend effectively – one of the best pieces of advice for this is to ensure that you have the right tools, such as a high quality blending brush or a Beauty Blender sponge.

Overdoing it with the perfume

Spritzing yourself with a little perfume is all it takes to ensure that you smell amazing all day long. Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it with the perfume and spritzing yourself all over, a squirt or two will do. The perfumes that require a lot of sprays to create a smell that lasts tend to be cheaper perfumes, so it’s best to invest in a quality perfume from somewhere like www.thefragranceshop.co.uk so that you only need a spritz or two, and don’t end up accidently overdoing it.

Brows that are too bold

Brows that have been filled in a little too heavy-handedly never look good. You don’t want your eyebrows to look like they’ve been drawn on in crayon by a toddler, do you? If the answer is no, then take the time to learn how to fill in your brows without making them look unnatural. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re going to pluck your brows, ensure that you don’t overdo it and end up with patchy, almost invisible brows. If in doubt, leave your brows to the professionals.

Picking a fake tan that’s too orange

A tan gives your skin a bit of colour and can boost your confidence, so it’s easy to see why a lot of us girls choose to fake tan. While applying fake tan can create a natural-looking tan, it depends on the product that you’re using and how you apply it. There’s nothing worse than a streaky, orange tan – it looks a mess, and it’s obvious that it’s totally fake. So, if you’re going to apply fake tan, use a good quality product and learn how to apply it to create a natural-looking tan, else you will probably end up looking like you’ve been tangoed. Wondering what the best fake tanning products are – then use resources like http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk to find out.

Do you have any awful beauty blunder stories to share? I would love to hear them!

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