Best European Cities to Find a Job in 2016

One of the best things to keep in mind if you are looking for a new career is to not limit yourself to one place. Many of us dream of working in the area we grew up in because it is familiar and safe. The truth is that you have to broaden your horizon sometimes in order to find a fulfilling and successful job. Europe has incredible opportunities for expats – one simply needs to know where to look. Finding jobs in major European cities is not as difficult as it seems, you just have to be open to it! Here is the list of top 5 cities with the fastest growing labor markets.


When it comes to the UK, Manchester is currently the best city to find a job in the modern market. It has all of the big city lifestyle characteristics like London, only with a significantly lower cost of living. Manchester offers a great variety of jobs in different fields attracting young job seekers from all over the world. The culture is vibrant and there is never a quiet night in this northern city, making it a great place to begin looking for your dream career.


The Emerald Isle, or Ireland to most of us, is home to the most innovative job market in Europe. The biggest tech companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook all have offices in Dublin. There is a high demand for educated young upstarts who are English speakers to enjoy the incredible culture and living standard of the city.


Another incredible city attracting savvy and trendy people is Berlin. The cost of living is incredibly affordable for job seekers with the average rent only costing about 450 euros. The main market is for creative jobs and has drawn many venture capitalist firms and tech entrepreneurs to the city. It is not a big jump for English speakers and the vibrant culture of the city is amazing.



Continuing on the hipster scene of European capitals is Vienna. It has been ranked by Mercer as the best city in the world to live and work based on quality of life. When you visit the city the first thing you will notice is how clean it is and then the amazing architecture from the foregone empire. Amongst all of its charm and beauty the city is home to opportunities in marketing, technology, and international organizations.


One city that may seem off the beaten path for job seekers in Europe is Bucharest. Romania is becoming a more prosperous place to live than most may think. The city and country have one of the fastest growing economies due to a young population and innovative culture. It surprisingly has a lower

unemployment rate than the UK and the government is increasing foreign direct investment to boost their telecom and energy industries. It is a booming place and exciting culture to be a part of for any young professional.

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