Blogging While Travelling: Finding The Right Balance

Travel continues to be one of the hottest blog topics around, and it’s something people enjoy reading about. So it’s hardly surprising that so many people are starting their own travel blogs to document their adventure. A blog gives them an outlet where they can share stories, photos and opinions on exciting destinations around the world.

However, what many travel bloggers find difficult is finding the right balance as they travel. If you spend all day on your computer blogging, you aren’t giving yourself a full travel experience. This could mean that your content isn’t as authentic, personal or as original as you would like. However, if you don’t blog at all during your trip the people who follow your blog will soon lose interest. This could result in your blog losing popularity as a result. So it’s crucial that you find a happy medium which allows you to blog regularly but still experience as much as you possible can.

Finding the right balance might sound challenging. But with some planning and preparation beforehand it can be a simple process. Read through the following suggestions to manage your blog and have an incredible time.


Write before you go

Before you set off on your travels, designate some time where you can create some content to post while you are away. Try to write as many different blog posts as you can, while also ensuring they are relevant and interesting. You can create content about what you have packed for your trip or what you plan on doing during your stay. You could talk about holidays in Italy for beginners or share advice on applying for visas. The possibilities are endless, so give yourself plenty of time to generate ideas and research them fully. Use this time to also edit photos that work well when combined with your written content.

Having an inventory of pre-prepared blog posts will be convenient on days when you are unable to sit down and write. It also gives you the opportunity to explore a new place without worrying about writing and posting blog content. This also allows you to come up with ideas which you can write about on days when you have more spare time. Writing when you are short on time will only make you feel pressured and can also affect the quality of your content. It can also stop your travels being as fun and stress-free as they should be. So even though you have plenty of tasks to complete before you leave, make writing content a priority.


Work out a schedule

Another thing you need to establish before you leave is a blogging schedule. Otherwise, your blogging will have little to no structure. It will also be much harder to manage your time effectively which can make it difficult to post consistently. Consider how much you would like to post and whether this suits your travel itinerary. Even if you think you are only able to post once or twice due to a busy itinerary, this is better than nothing at all. Be realistic about how many blog posts you can create and whether you will be able to stick to the schedule you have created.

You will also need to consider your internet access while you are away. There is no use planning to create a blog post each day if you are somewhere with limited wifi. Research your hotel or look for internet cafes in the area of your travel destinations to ensure you will be able to post when you want to.


Plan a blogging evening

Choose a night where you don’t have a lot planned during your trip and use this to catch up on your travel blog. This is the perfect opportunity to go through your notes, look through your photos and think about titles. It also allows you to reply to messages and start researching and writing drafts for new content. While you could wait till you get home to do this, you may find a backlog of tasks you need to catch up on. It can also be easy to forget things which your readers might find interesting. Taking just one night off during your stay isn’t going to affect your travel experience too drastically and it can help you stay organized.

As you can see, finding a balance between enjoying your travel and blogging isn’t as difficult as it might seem. The key is developing a strategy that allows you to manage your time but also enjoy your travels to their fullest. Why not reach out to other travel bloggers to see how they manage blogging while traveling.

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