It might not feel like it, especially when you look out of the window to see dark skies and rain, but the warmer months are approaching. And now is the time to start stepping up your interior design plans. The best starting place? The lounge.

Let’s face it; the living room space is the hub of all household activity. Get this area in great condition, and your entire property will become blessed with the homely vibes. While every homeowner has his or her personal preferences, we all share a need for several key elements. Focus on the six aspects below, and your lounge will soon be better than ever.


There’s nothing quite like the warmth of spring to pick up our spirits. As humans, we naturally make the connection between bright natural tones with brighter moods. By inviting a touch of that outside into your lounge, you will notice a huge difference in the overall vibe.

Another way to encourage that brightness and warmth is to paint the walls in a light colour. Not only will those coats give the room a fresh feeling, but it’ll help reflect the light too. Given the simplicity and minimal cost of completing this task, you’d be a fool not to capitalise.


The clue is in the name; the living room is for living. Unfortunately, overcrowding the room is one of the biggest mistakes that modern families make. It can limit your possibilities to interact with the room and with each other. Moreover, those claustrophobic tendencies can make the room feel a lot smaller than it actually is too.

A thorough de-cluttering session will gain back vital room. However, you can go one step further with simple tricks like mounting TV brackets to the wall. If your lounge doubles up as a dining room, an extendable table can offer great versatility regarding space too. For a more significant transformation, you could knock down an interior wall to gain an open plan space. Just remember that this is a big decision, and is not one to be taken lightly.   


Going for a minimalistic and natural approach will bring many rewards, but you don’t want the room feeling bland. Turning one wall into a feature wall will give provide an extra sense of energy to the room. However, it’s your choice of furnishings that can truly bring the place to life.

Hard floorings are more popular than ever, so adding a luxury rug can help brighten the place up. Meanwhile, patterned curtain fabric is another brilliant option for bringing the room to life. In addition to those design benefits, they offer the practicality of keeping in warmth and adding better privacy. They’re a far more friendly looking solution to wooden blinds too.


The most important thing to remember when revitalising your lounge is that it’s yours. You aren’t building a showroom; you’re creating a place to spend time as a family. Therefore, it’s imperative that it is designed to encourage that distinctness.

Canvas paintings or printed images are a fantastic way to bring a personal touch to the room. Moreover, it adds a dash of character to a plain light coloured wall too. Of course, digital photo frames and holiday souvenirs can accentuate the room too. Essentially, if it helps celebrate the magic of your family, it will enhance your relationship with the space.


If nothing else, your living room should be practical and allow for your family to relax and feel at home. We’re all guilty of being sucked in by clever advertising. But the truth is that the simple entertainment devices are often far more enjoyable than complex gadgets.

The resurrection of vinyl records is a great example of this. There’s nothing better than spending a Sunday afternoon listening to your favourite LP while a cool breeze gently brushes your face. Let your room encourage those simple pleasures, and you will not regret it.


Above all else, though, your living room should be comfortable. Therefore, choosing the right furniture should be a priority at all times. Recliners can be a great option while corner sofas can work wonders for the layout depending on the shape of your room.

Focus on the size of your family. There’s no point in overcrowding the room when giant bean bags and other solutions can be used to accommodate guests. It’s important to remember that appearance and feel are both equally important. In truth, though, you’ll know when you’ve found the right option.   

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