Bringing Bloggers Together Through Meet-Ups 

Blogging can be great, especially if you are lucky enough to do it full time, but can it be bad for your health? Humans are social creatures, even the most extreme introverts occasionally need to be around people. If you are working from home or working alone, it can begin to feel a bit isolating, particularly if you also live by yourself. While it’s easy to reach out and make friends online, maintaining those relationships can sometimes take a backseat when life gets busy.  

Loneliness can be a vicious cycle, the less time you spend with people, the more time you want to be left alone. After a time, loneliness effects your diet and sleep, decreasing our memory ability and increasing risks or cardiovascular diseases and strokes. 

However, there is a solution. Reach out to bloggers in your surrounding area and see if they would be interested in planning a “Bloggers Outing” or even a team building event. Use the opportunity to make connections with others in a similar position and build long-lasting friendships with other bloggers. Your mental health will thank you for it and it’s a great excuse to have a bit of fun.  

Planning an Activity 

There are plenty of things a group of people could come together to do, from a day out at a theme park to a picnic to organising a full-blown team-building event. Make a note of your ideas to suggest to others and get an idea of the number of guests you’d like involved. Once you’ve got the basics, you can look at how much certain activities will cost and take this information to your group when finalising details.  

Organising A Group 

Reach out to other bloggers, they don’t necessarily need to have the same interests as yourself, just as long as they seem like someone you’d like to get to know better. Ask them if they would like to join you for a Bloggers Holiday, assist in organising a day-trip event and if they have any blogging contacts they’d be interested in inviting. If there is a particularly large group, you could make a centre of communication using programmes like Slack or Discord. This can help in narrowing down dates and checking availability. Going forward it can also be used for exchanging ideas and future planned meet-ups.  

Team-Building Event 

If you are stuck for ideas or there is a varied amount of interests in your group, why not try a team-building event? These are fantastic day-time events that are designed specifically for bringing people together. Split off into teams – Travel vs Lifestyle for instance – and try a city-based GPS Treasure Hunt or go for a full “Wipeout” style game-day with inflatables, races and even target-practice. These types of events are great for bringing you out the house and spending time with people where the focus is around enjoying yourselves.  

Picking a Location 

Once you’ve got some ideas down and you start to approach bloggers, all that’s left is to choose a location. While it’ll be tempting to choose somewhere near to yourself, you could take the opportunity to go away and explore some new areas. Choosing a central location for your group will always be beneficial and holding the event at a time that doesn’t go on until late will be preferential for most guests.  


If day-events aren’t your thing but you are looking at meeting up with other bloggers or others within your industry who work from home. Consider starting a coworking group. There are plenty of office spaces that offer reasonable short or long term lets. You can still enjoy the benefits of being able to come and go as you please while having a space in which you can work with others. This can work particularly well in large cities with an easy to reach central location.  

With a whole host of opportunities available for bringing people together, there is no reason to keep yourself in isolation. You’ll never know the kinds of people you’ll meet through reaching out and at the very least, you could have a fun day with lots of enjoyable memories. Why not start planning your blogging meet-up today? 

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