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There’s nothing nicer than a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Now that I have my own place I love buying fresh flowers, they never fail to brighten up any room and make me smile. I was recently asked by the lovely people over at Four Walls to share with you all how I inject flowers into my life. I was given £50 to spend on flowers and I loved having so many gorgeous flowers dotted around the house.

I will be the first to admit I’m no florist. I would rather have the flowers arranged in a bunch for me, but by the time I have unwrapped them, trimmed them and removed excess leaves, I end up having to organise them anyway. I guess this can only be a good thing though, as I can only get better.

Fish Bowl Flowers

The first flowers I picked up were a bunch of gorgeous Sweet Williams. I’m not sure why, but I’m always drawn to these cheery little flowers. There’s some greenery in the bouquet too which I really like. I decided to put them in the fish bowl vase and put these little beauties on my desk so when I’m working they’re there to brighten up my day and they certainly do that. They add a lot of colour to my desk and look especially beautiful when the sun comes streaming through the window and hits them.

Hanging Flower Vase's

I haven’t long moved into my home. It has been 6 weeks and I haven’t really started decorating the walls or hanging things up, I’ve been too busy building furniture and organising rooms. So, I decided to take the opportunity to brighten up the bare wall in the bathroom using some of the flowers I had bought. I bought 3 small vases, some string and some command wall hooks to create the chic floral hanging vases you see above. I think it looks really cute, and it definitely adds a bit of colour and style to the bathroom. In the long run, I might buy some artificial flowers, but at the moment I simply keep replacing them when I get a new bunch of flowers.


I also picked up a gorgeous mixed bouquet to brighten up my bedroom. I love the mixture of flowers and the variety of different colours, the daisies and roses were my favourites.

I loved having so many flowers dotted around and have since continued to refill the vases with different flowers so I can enjoy a variety of different bouquets. I will be continuing to bring summer indoors this year by buying flowers to fill the vases, finding unique ways to display the flowers and I will also be buying a planter and flowers to put at my front door and am looking forward to selecting some lovely flowers for that. If you have any flower recommendations, do let me know in the comments.


What are your favourite flowers?

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