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Bristol Zoo :)

As a family we all love animals and growing up have always had pets, dogs, cats, rabbits and rats to name a few. So the perfect day out for the whole family is the Zoo. There are a few Zoos near us but after having a look we decided on Bristol Zoo.
We booked out tickets online as you get 10% off. When we arrived at the Zoo around 10am there was a big queue waiting to go in, luckily we noticed there was a fast track entry for people who have pre-booked tickets. This was great as it meant we went straight in.
One of the first animals we saw was the fruit bats. They have a lovely big enclosure and you are able to walk through it with the bats flying overhead and hanging in the trees. The bat in the picture was about a foot away from me it was amazing seeing them so close.
I think if I remember correctly this is a spider monkey. They live on an island surrounded by water and seem to like their living space they were running in and out of their house and seemed to have great fun climbing along the wooden planks laid out for them.
Maxx loves Meerkats he loves the meerkat advert as well. So when we spotted the enclosure we went straight in to see if we could spot any little critters and as luck would have it there were about 10 meerkats all huddle up together and one very special little meerkat who was only a month old. Isn’t she gorgeous! We certainly thought so.
Of course we took the usual head through the board photos Maxx thought it was hilarious, not so much when we tried to put him in a kangaroos pouch! There are several fun boards located around the park with different animals on them so there will be a photo opportunity for everyone.
This is the Edmontosaurus
There are 12 robotic dinosaurs located around the Zoo. I think they are a great addition to the zoo and really capture the imagination of youngsters who are amazed to see the size of these creatures. Maxx however did not like them at all and wouldn’t go near them, we explained that they are not real and can’t hurt you but he wasn’t having any of it and if we came near one he would run off in the other direction so we did our best to avoid seeing them, which was difficult! I’m hoping next time we go he will be willing to go up close and see them as I know he’ll love it when  he realises they can’t hurt him.
There is a butterfly house at the Zoo which is lovely; there are a lot of different butterflies inside all different shapes and colours. There are feeding tables placed throughout the house so you can see the butterflies up close which is fascinating.
Sadly the camera battery died half way round the zoo that will teach me to check before we leave. We all had a fantastic day and will hopefully go back again next summer.
I would highly recommend Bristol Zoo for a fab family day out. If you want to beat the queues buying the tickets online is a must and you also get 10% off. Taking a picnic will save you money and there are a lot of benches around the Zoo along with a big tented seating area for picnics.
There are talks and shows throughout the day so when you first go in find out when these are so you can make sure you don’t miss them. We saw the animal show which was very funny as there was a very cheeky raccoon who did not want to do what he was told.

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